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Elderberry Syrup is made out of elderberries which grow almost everywhere in Germany and also in North America.

Riemerschmid – Premium Quality since 1835

Riemerschmid started with fine vinegars and liquors and is now producing high quality syrups for the bar and cuisine. Riemerschmid is using a special butterfly mixer to make the syrups so that the substances are maintained wand that makes the syrups so tasteful.


riemerschmid elderberry drinkRiemerschmid Elderberry Bar Syrup Drinks

Sambucus Nigra
2cl Rimerschmid Elderberry Bar Syrup
4 cl Tequila white
2cl fresh lemon juice
10 cl ginger ale

Fill shaker with ice cubes, add tequila, syrup and lemon juice.
Shake well and pour through a bar sieve into a long drink glass or a big white tumbler.
Fill up with ginger ale.

elderberry syrup
3cl Riemerschmid Elderberry Bar syrup
2cl lemon juice
6 cl apple juice
4 cl cranberry juice

shake all ingredients well and fill in a hurricane glass filled with crushed ice.
Serve with a straw and garnish with apple slices.

Find the Riemerschmid Bar Syrups at Duggansdist. Email or call them to ship it


Duggan’s Distillers Products Corp.
560 Bradley Parkway West, Unit 1 | Blauvlet NY 10913
ph (845)-358-7230
fax (845)-358-7215
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