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The Red Currant dessert is a nice and festive German dessert. It’s perfect for the Holidays. In German we call red currants “Rote Johannisbeeren”. It is a light and foamy dessert, similar to the classic “Weinschaum” recipe. Red Currant berries are used in many German recipes such as in desserts and cakes. You can also use black currants or raspberries and regarding the juice, it seems easier to find black currant juice in the USA than red currant. I found some black currant concentrate on Amazon. Happy Cooking!

red currant dessert

Ingredients Red Currant Dessert

(serves 8)
6 slices gelatine
1/2 l red or black currant juice
1/4 l heavy cream
2 egg white
50 g sugar
2 red apples, slightly sour
100 g red currant jelly
100 g frozen red currant berries or raspberries

Cooking Instructions Red Currant Dessert

– Soak gelatin in cold water, heat 1/4 l red currant juice (not boiling), and add the gelatine to the hot juice; add remaining juice. Keep it cold for at least 40 minutes.
– Beat the egg white until firm – while beating add sugar bit by bit.
– Also beat the heavy cream until very firm.
– Take the jelly juice out of the fridge, mix it first with the whipped cream, then mix in carefully the firm egg white. Keep it cool for 1 hour.
– Wash apples, cut it in quarters, remove core; cut apples in thin slices.
– Heat red currant jelly on mild temperature until it gets liquid.
– Mix with the defrosted red currant berries.
– Pour it over the apple splices.
– Scoop some red currant cream on a plate and serve it with the apple slices.


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