Herring Salad with Potatoes – German Fish Specialty

Herring salad with potatoes is a typical herring dish from Germany especially from the North. It is made after New years Eve as a hang over breakfast or served at Ash Wednesday.
Matjes fillets are a Northern German food specialty. For the salad you can use German Bismarck Herring or matjes herring fillets – best without any preservatives!  Happy Cooking!

german herring salad with potatoes

Ingredients Herring Salad with Potatoes

2-3 Matjes herring or Bismarck herring fillets (pickled)
2 apples (green)
4 pickles (sour pickles, cornichions)
2-3 small onions
500ml heavy cream (or half milk and half yogurt)
oil, vinegar, salt, pepper to taste

decorate with onion rings, tomatoes and/or radishes

Cooking Instructions Herring Salad with Potatoes

– Cut herring in small pieces; peel apples and cut in cubes, pickles in cubes as well.
– Peel onion and slice it.
– In a bowl mix heavy cream with vinegar and sugar ( should be sweet-sour). Then add oil.
– Mix well. Spice with salt and pepper to taste but be careful as the herring contains already salt.
– Add all remaining ingredients, mix well and serve after 2 hours.
– Serve with boiled potatoes.

Herring Salad – German Hang Over Breakfast

New Years Day is the perfect day for a herring salad because in general New Years parties come along with lots of drinking, so the next day is a hang over day. Now we need a “Katerfruehstueck” which means in English “hangover breakfast”. A herring salad is a typical hangover breakfast because it is sour and zesty – just right for such a breakfast.
Happy New Year!!

herring salad

Ingredients Herring Salad

2 eggs
2 tbsp apple juice
sour cream, natural yogurt
salt, ground black pepper, 1 pinch sugar
1/2 bundle dill
2 onions
2-3 pickles preferably German pickles
2 medium sized apples
8 herrings each one 50g

Cooking Instructions Herring Salad

– Boil eggs, keep them for some seconds in cold water and peel them.
– Drain pickles but keep the pickle liquid.
– Mix mustard, yoghurt, sour cream, 4 tbsp pickle liquid and apple juice.
– Spice with salt, sugar and black pepper; cut dill fine and add it.
– Cut onions in rings, apples in small pieces.
– Chop herring in smaller pieces, eggs in small quarters.
– Mix onions, pickles, apples, herring and eggs carefully (it should not get mushy).
– Cover the bowl and let salad in the fridge for at least 1 hour (preferably up to one day; make it the evening before and it will be just right for the party, or the day before for New years Day).
– Before your serve the salad try it and spice it again if necessary.

German Coconut Macaroons – Best Christmas Cookies

The German Coconut Macaroons are very popular Christmas Cookies and so easy to make, that everyone can try to be a baker. You can buy them in every German supermarket and bakery. The recipe below is an universal recipe which can be altered to make hazelnut or almond macaroons. Just make sure that the egg white is very firm. These are the best macaroons you just need to use the ingredients as listed. Happy Baking!

Find more information about how to make macaroons: Christmas Bakery – Macaroons

german coconut macaroons

Ingredients German Coconut Macaroons

3 egg whites
100 g fine sugar (confection) or powdered sugar
1 package vanilla sugar 0.3 oz – How to make Vanilla Sugar –
1 tsp honey (optional)
juice from 1 lemon
2 tbsp or 50 g flour (optional)
200 g fine-medium shredded coconut unsweetened
Backoblaten – thin wafers as needed (optional) –  Find Backoblaten here: Kuchle Back Oblaten (2x37g/2x 1.30oz) Pack of 2

Baking Instructions German Coconut Macaroons

– Beat egg whites very firm, and slowly add the sugar, vanilla sugar and lemon juice until the egg white is shiny.
– Mix grated coconut with flour and add to the dough. Mix well.
– Place little heaps on the Oblaten (German wafers) or without on a tray layered with Parchment paper. You can decorate the macaroons with a nut or pistachio.
– Bake on 300 F for about 10 minutes, they coconut macaroons should not get brown and always stay light. They get brown fast. When you see that place them on the lower grid in the oven.

For hazelnut/almond macaroons use 200 g ground almonds or ground hazelnuts, and decorate with hazelnuts or pistachios.
You can melt dark chocolate and dip the bottom of the macaroons in it. Or drip some chocolate lines over the macaroons. Very nice combination!

German Weckmann Sweet Bread Nikolaus

The German Weckmann Sweet Bread for St Martin’s Day is an old German tradition. Plural of a Weckmann would be Weckmänner, and there is no direct translation. It’s sweet bread formed to a Nikolaus type figure. In some regions the Weckmann is not a figure, it’s a roll. Another name would be Stutenkerl, Klausenmann, Grittibänz (Swiss) or Dambedei.
You can make them either for Nikolaus Day (Dec 6) or for St. Martin’s Day (Nov 11, especially in the Rhineland). There is a parade and children love it because they can carry the lanterns in the darkness. Every child gets  a goodie bag which includes a Weckmann.

These sweet bread figures represent also the Saint Nikolaus, and you can get them at that time in every German bakery which include a clay pipe. Unfortunately I was not able to locate a seller for these clay pipes in the USA. I guess you have to make the Weckmänner without the pipe. Happy Baking!

nikolaus weckmann

Ingredients German Weckmann Sweet Bread

(for 4-6 Weckmänner)

250 g Quark (or 125 g sour cream and 125 g cream cheese)
1 egg
125 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar, 0.5oz) – How to make Vanilla Sugar – 
1 package baking powder Dr Oetker, 0.3oz  – Find it here –
400 g flour
raisins, egg yolk

Baking Instructions German Weckmann Sweet Bread

– Mix flour with baking powder.
– Mix quark, egg, vanilla sugar and sugar, then add the flour. Knead it until you have a smooth dough. If the dough should be too firm add some tbsp milk.
– Make 4 Weckmen: Roll dough (thick as a finger) size 20cm x 10cm
– Cut in on both sides for the arms, cut a triangle for the legs.
– With remaining dough make the head.
– Press raisins for the eyes into the dough. You also can make a nose and buttons. If you have the ceramic pipe place it into the part of the head where the mouth is.
– Pre-Heat oven to 350 F.
– Beat an egg yolk, and with a baking brush spread it all over the bread.
– Lightly oil a baking tray (or layer with parchment paper).
– Bake them for 30 min on 350 F. Watch out so they will not get brown; cover with foil to be on the safe side.

If you want to fill 2 baking trays reduce temperature to 340 F, the baking time will be shorter.

Koelner Kruestchen -Toast Hubertus – Best Rhineland Snacks

Today we like to show you what snacks you can get in the Rhineland: Koelner Kruestchen Toast – Hubertus Kölner. The Krüstchen is a specialty from Cologne and it is a pork schnitzel placed on a slice of bread with a fried egg on top. These kind of toasts are very popular in the pubs of Cologne, the so called “Kneipen”. Enjoyed with a glass beer, a Koelsch.
Kölner Krüstchen is a great snack that can be made fast, you just have to make the schnitzel: Click here for the Wiener Schnitzel recipe

The name Krüstchen means “crunchy bread” in German and is a typical expression of the Rhineland. The best is to make more Schnitzel the day before for dinner, and keep some for next day, so you can make the Kölner Krüstchen. The used Graubrot is a mix of rye and wheat flour (Mischbrot) and you may find it  in International or Mediterranean or Eastern stores. You can use wheat or rye bread instead. We are sure it tastes delicious on wheat toast. Another toast variation is the Toast Hubertus which is also called Jaegertoast. Happy Cooking!

koelner kruestchen toast hubertus

Ingredients Koelner Kruestchen

1 slice bread (rye, wheat or “Graubrot”)
1 slice cooked ham
1 ready made Schnitzel
1 onion to make fried onions
per slice 1 fried egg

Cooking Instructions Koelner Kruestchen

– Toast bread, spread it with butter.
– Fry sliced onions until they are brown (in some butter).
– Place on top:
1 slice of ham, 1 schnitzel, fried onions and on top the fried egg.


Ingredients Toast Hubertus

2 slice toast bread
2 pork fillets (Schweinemedaillons)
salt, pepper to taste
1 inch thick slice of herb butter
heavy cream
fresh mushrooms
2 slices of cheese that melts well

Cooking Instructions Toast Hubertus

– Cut the filet if necessary in slices.
– Spice the meat, brown evenly on both sides. Set aside.
– Prepare and slice mushrooms.
– In the same skillet saute sliced mushrooms.
– Toast the bread.
– On each slice of bread place 1 filet,  add mushrooms on top, and a sl;ice of cheese.
– Broil on high heat briefly.
Video on How to make the Toast Hubertus

Zwieback Apple Schlupfer – German Swabian Dessert

This popular German dessert fro m Swabia, the Zwieback Apple Schlupfer, is using Zwieback that is only made in Germany but you can get it on Amazon or in special German supermarkets. It is also using Schmand which is not available here. You can use sour cream instead. It is delicious! Happy Cooking!

Zwieback Apple Schlupfer

Ingredients Zwieback Apple Schlupfer

14 slices Zwieback
125 ml milk
500 g apples
cinnamon to taste
50 g sugar
3 eggs
250 ml Schmand or sour cream
1 package vanilla sugar – 0.3oz
1 tbsp butter and some extra butter for the form

Cooking Instructions Zwieback Apple Schlupfer

  • Grease a fire proof form and place 6 slices Zwieback on the bottom.
  • drip milk on remaining slices.
  • Peel apples and grate roughly.
  • Add sugar and cinnamon to apples, mix well.
  • Place another layer of Zwieback on top, drip Zwieback with milk.
  • Mix eggs with schmand or sour cream and pour on top of the last layer.
  • Crumble the last 2 slices and place on top.
  • Add some butter flakes.
  • Bake in pre-heated oven for 40-45 min (convection 375 F).

Bavarian Apple Turnovers – Apfelmaultaschen

bavarian apple turnovers
Ingredients Bavarian Apple Turnovers

300 g flour
1 tbsp butter
2 eggs
1 tsp salt
milk as needed
3 apples
1 splash lemon juice
sugar as needed

Cooking Instructions Bavarian Apple Turnovers

– Peel apples, remove core, grate fine. Don’t cut in pieces.
– Drip with lemon juice so they wont get brown.
– Place flour into a bowl, add salt.
– Add 1 heaped tbsp butter, egg and some milk to flour, knead dough for about 5 min very thoroughly. Dough should come off the bowl’s edges and should not be sticky.
– Pre-heat oven to 320 F upper heat and lower heat 350 F.
– Mix 125ml milk with 1 egg, set aside.
– Sprinkle flour on a baking board or smooth surface.
– Roll dough evenly so you get 4 pieces of same size (cut with knife).
– Spread melted butter on each piece, add apple.
– Fold in the sides, then roll each piece.
– Place apple pockets in a greased fire proof form.
– Bake for 10 min then add milk-egg mix over apple turnovers so they are covered. Maybe you need additional milk.
Baking time is 20-30 min.


Dead Eyes Creepy Halloween Drink


It’s Halloween! If you throw a party you need good beverages that are creepy. We found a German recipe that you will love for your Halloween party: Dead Eyes Creepy Halloween Drink – make it non-alcoholic or add some alcohol, as you like. Happy Halloween!

dead eyes creepy Halloween Drink

Ingredients Dead Eyes Creepy Halloween Drink

lychees (from the can or fresh)
cherry juice
orange juice

– Mix lychees with cherry juice and keep it in the fridge over night. It will make them purplish.
– Before serving, fill the bowl with lemonade, and add ice cubes or a green hand.
– Make the green hand: Fill green water into rubber globes and freeze them (use filtered water or non-sparkling mineral water and green eatable color).

Tips and Variations
– Use blood orange juice and champagne.
– Use Curacao and champagne.
– Instead of adding ice cubes mix white wine with eatable color and fill it in rubber gloves; freeze them and place them into the punch (don’t use sparkling water or lemonade because the hands will brake very soon).
– Place the lychees over night in vodka and cherry juice.
Make the eyes more real looking by placing a cherry into each lychee.