Mar 142018
German Kasseler Potato Gratin

This dish, German Kasseler Potato Gratin, is an ideal dish for many guests. It us using Kasseler which is smoked pork chop and it is available in special Us markets only. A substitute could be chicken, pork, sausages or beef that has less cooking time (not stew meat). Find Kassler in the USA at BavariaSausage … read more …

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Mar 112018
German Cherry Bundt Cake

The Cherry Bundt Cake is a classic German cake recipe.This cake is also called “Rodonkuchen”, especially in the Northwest of Germany. Some call it ring cake. You can use a variety of cherries for this German cake. If you like to add a glaze mix powdered sugar with Kirsch Schnaps and spread it over the … read more …

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Mar 092018
German Oven Potatoes served with Quark

Another German potato recipe: German Oven Potatoes – The alternative for baked potatoes and are served with a quark cream that contains fresh herbs. This German dish is very easy to make, you don’t have to peel the potatoes, just add the spices, cut as directed and bake in the oven. Doen in 50 Minutes. … read more …

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Mar 072018
German Cucumber Potato Salad with Eggs

Looking for a different German potato salad? We did some research and found a wonderful recipe for a potato salad: German Cucumber Potato Salad with Eggs. It is a super easy salad to make, great for the barbecue, or as a side dish with sausages or the German burgers – Find the recipe for German … read more …

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Mar 072018
German Potato Salad Franconia Style

Germany is the country of all kinds of potato dishes like no other country! Potato recipes are popular and part of almost every menu. Learn today how to make the German Potato Salad Franconia Style. It is a proven recipe from the region Franconia or as we call it “Frankenland” in German. Serve this potato … read more …

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Mar 072018
German Speckkuchen - Quiche Lorraine

French recipes came to Germany especially along the Rhine because this part of the country used to be several times French and German. We are talking about the Alsace or Elsass in German. One popular recipe is the German Speckkuchen – Quiche Lorraine in French.  Speck means bacon and kuchen cake, it’s a zesty cake … read more …

Mar 072018
Authentic Swabian German Potato Cucumber Salad

The German potato cucumber salad is a authentic Swabian salad and my sister in law makes the best one! I am sure you will like it too. This salad is easy to make and  a great salad for the summer BBQ. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Potato Cucumber Salad (serves 4) 4-5 medium size potatoes( gold, … read more …

Mar 062018
German Cremeschnitte without Filo Dough

Find out how to make the pastry Cremeschnitte without filo dough. This is a proven German recipe with origin from Poland where they call this pastry “Napoleonka”. Many Cremeschnitten recipes ask for filo dough but not this one. There is no difference in taste, even the recipe is asking for beer. No worries, there will … read more …