May 222018
Chocolate Pear Cake - Authentic German Recipe

The Chocolate pear cake is an original German cake and is very easy to bake. If you don’t have the packaged vanilla sugar you can make it yourself – Go to the Recipe – Vanilla Sugar Home Made-  The recipe is also using egg liquor which you can get in some special liquor stores. The alternative … read more …

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May 182018
German Egg Liqueur or Liquor

German Egg Liqueur Recipe – What is it? The German Egg liqueur or “Eierlikoer” in German is a traditional German liquor that you can buy from Verpoorten, the most popular Dutch brand for egg liqueur. In the former DDR (East-German Republic) it used to be a popular drink. We found a recipe from that time … read more …

May 182018
German Strawberry Ice Cream Cup

The German Strawberry Ice cream cup is what you get in every ice cream parlor (Eisdiele in German) in Germany. These ice cream parlors can be found everywhere from North to Souths and East to West in Germany. Every German city has its “Eisdiele”. Of course summer time brings fresh strawberries and this ice cream … read more …

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May 162018
Creamy Green Asparagus Potato Soup

The Creamy Green Asparagus Potato Soup is a delicious soup – very easy to make and super creamy. We use green asparagus and potatoes, a good combination for a soup. Authentic German recipe. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Creamy Green Asparagus Potato Soup 4 medium potatoes 8-10 green asparagus (not the super thin asparagus) 1 smaller onion … read more …

May 152018
German Cucumber Radish Sandwich

The German cucumber radish sandwich is a typical German snack; that’s how we make the sandwiches. The best is to use German bread such as rye or whole wheat. We have some great bread recipes on – Click here – Home made bread tastes the best! Vary the sandwich with different vegetables such as … read more …

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May 102018
Raspberry Heart Shaped Cake For Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a big day in Germany the same way as it is celebrated in the USA. Do you want to surprise your mom, sister, grandmother, or  aunt with something special? What about a home made cake baked by you? We found a wonderful recipe for you. The German Raspberry Heart Shaped Cake will … read more …

May 072018
German Carrot Soup - Healthy and Good

If you like carrots, you will love this recipe: German Carrot Soup. An inexpensive, simple and healthy soup that can be made for a big family or for a dinner for two. We recommend to use organic carrots or best, carrots fresh from the market or garden. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Carrot Soup 1 smaller … read more …

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May 072018
White Asparagus Recipe the German Way Easy and Simple

This white asparagus recipe is not just easy and simple but also healthy. To make asparagus we are not using any additional water to cook the vegetable. It will be steamed in its own liquid which is the best way as all the nutrients will be available, and won’t get lost in the boiling water. … read more …