Apr 102020
German Trout Recipe - Breaded Trout Fillet

The German Trout Recipe is for these meatless dinners such as Good Friday. Trout or in German “Forelle”  is a delicious fish that either can be found in lakes or rivers. The meat of the pond trouts is white, the river trout’s meat is of a light pink. Trout is one of the best fish … read more …

Apr 092020
German Zigeunerschnitzel - Spicy Schnitzel Dish

The German Zigeunerschnitzel or Paprikaschnitzel is a very popular German entree that you can find on many german menus. Meanwhile it is also called “Balkanschnitzel” because of the word “Zigeuner” which means gypsy. Nevertheless it is a dish that is made since more than hundred years and the typical “Zigeunersosse” (the gravy) can be bought … read more …

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Apr 092020
Easter Lamb Cake Sweetened with Honey

One traditional German cake for Easter is the Easter lamb cake. To make this special cake you would need a special baking lamb form, and we found some on Amazon. It’s basically a cake similar to a pound cake, so you could vary it by adding add some cocoa and create a marble cake or … read more …

Apr 062020
German Easter Cake Fried Egg Style - Spiegeleikuchen

This German easter cake fried egg style will make your family smile. You can use apricots or peaches for the cake. Keep in mind using peaches will make the “fried egg” look bigger! It’s a proven recipe from Germany. Not long ago I found canned peaches at ALDI’s. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Easter Cake Fried … read more …

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Apr 062020
Little German Easter Sweet Bread Nests

This sweet bread will look so good on your Easter table! The little German Easter Sweet bread nests are made out of a yeast dough and decorates with hard boiled eggs. Happy Easter! Ingredients German Easter Sweet Bread Nests 500 g all-purpose flour, unbleached 100 g powdered sugar 1 dash salt 1 package dry yeast … read more …

Apr 062020
German Easter Nest Cookies

These cute German Easter Nest Cookies are a nice addition for your Easter decoration. They are easy to make and can be decorated in different ways. Use the colorful candy eggs or chocolate eggs to decorate the cookies. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Easter Nest Cookies 150 g flour 130 g butter (very soft) 60 g … read more …

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Apr 042020
Southern German Apple Cake

The Southern German Apple Cake is a specialty from the South of Germany and is different than other apple cakes featured on this website. This German apple cake is awesome for any “Kaffee and Kuchen” table, for the holidays, for birthdays and festive occasions. The apples are covered in a creamy filling and will be … read more …

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Apr 042020
Easy German Apple Streusel Cake

This easy German apple streusel cake is one of  our favorite cakes (streusel means crumbles). It can be varied with the Damson plums, peaches or apricots. It is the ultimate “Kaffee and Kuchen Cake” in Germany – what we call a typical coffee cake. The cake is easy to make, even baking beginners can be … read more …