Pickled Celery Salad

Pickled celery salad is very popular in Germany and you can buy it in every supermarket. My favorite pickled celery salad is from Hengstenberg (see below)
The pickled celery salad is not that difficult to make. I found a very easy recipe. Some other recipes are using the pickled cucumber liquid as well. I think a mix of white wine vinegar and cucumber brine would be good too. Happy Cooking!

pickled celery salad

Ingredients Pickled Celery Salad
2 kg celery root
1 onion
1/4 l white wine vinegar
some salt and sugar to taste

celery julienne style cuttingCooking Instructions Pickled Celery Salad

– Clean celery roots and boil them in salt water for about 1 hour until they are “al dente” (not too soft).
– Drain them, then peel and grate or cut in Julienne style.
– Place the grated celery in prepared jars (sanitize them or rinse in boiling hot water).
– chop onion and bring with vinegar, salt and sugar to a boil. Pour over celery.
– close jars with a matching lid and keep them at a cool and dark location.
The jars are good for the next 3 months.

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