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Excellent and delicious dessert for a festive menu or just for the sake of desserts. The German orange pudding with caramelized oranges is an authentic German recipe. Happy Cooking!

orange pudding

Ingredients Orange Pudding

2 eggs
1 dash salt
2 tbsp sugar or to taste, or use agave syrup
1 package vanilla sugar or 1 tbsp vanilla extract
juice from 6 oranges
1 package vanilla pudding, 1.5oz, or use corn starch and vanilla powder

Caramelized Oranges
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp sugar
juice of 2 oranges
2 oranges

Cooking Instructions Orange Pudding

- Separate eggs.
- Beat egg whites with 1 dash salt until firm, then add slowly the sugar, and beat until it is firm and creamy.
- Press juice from 6 oranges, pour in a pan.
- Combine 3 tbsp orange juice with 1 tbsp sugar, vanilla pudding and egg yolks. Mix well until smooth.
- Bring remaining juice to a boil.
- Add the vanilla pudding mix to the juice, let boil for 30 seconds.
- Let cool off a bit, fold on firm egg white.
- Pour in dessert forms or glasses, let sit in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

How to Caramelize the Oranges for the Topping

Peel 2 oranges, remove the white skin completely - See also How to fillet an Orange -
- Cut oranges horizontal in small piece.
- Place sugar in a pan, fry until it has caramelized, add orange juice, heat again. Spice with cinnamon.
- As soon as the caramelized sugar has melted again, add the orange pieces and let simmer on low heat 10-15 min.
- Fry the orange pieces in 2 tbsp butter, sprinkle sugar on top and fry until sugar gets brown and will be caramelized.
- Serve the caramelized oranges with the pudding.

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