Nov 192018

The holidays are the time for a popular alcoholic drink in Germany, time for egg liquor. We found a old fashioned egg liquor recipe that is super easy to make. It can be a bit difficult to find egg liquor in the USA. That's why we posted this recipe. Happy Cooking!

old fashioned egg liquor

Ingredients Old Fashioned Egg Liquor Recipe

(For 1 liter)
8 egg yolks
1 vanilla bean
500 ml milk
325 g powdered sugar
200 ml Vodka, brandy or dark rum

Instructions Old Fashioned Egg Liquor Recipe

- Beat egg yolks very well, add to a pan.
- Remove seeds from vanilla bean, add to egg yolks.
- Combine with milk and powdered sugar.
- Use double boiler method to make a cream. Mix continuously and make sure nothings ticks on the bottom of the pan. Never bring it to a boil!
- Remove pan from the heat, mix until it has cooled off completely.
- Add the alcohol.
- Sieve it twice to filter any firm egg parts.
- Fill in clean glass bottles and keep in the fridge.

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