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Today find out how to make the Oktoberfest Recipe Leberkas Meatloaf with Cabbage Salad – A typical Oktoberfest dish that you can find in Munich at the “Wiesen” where you can celebrate the biggest and the THE original Oktoberfest of the world.
The main ingredient of this Oktoberfest recipe is Leberkaese. This is a special meatloaf made out of veal, beef and pork. The meat is mixed raw and will be baked in the oven. You can enjoy Leberkaese warm or cold. The slices can be thick or thin. It just tastes delicious in a bun with mustard. Here we are combining it with a cabbage salad. Very authentic and Bavarian style! The pretzelrolls can be baked or find them at Trader joes – Aldi has them sometimes too. Happy Cooking!

Leberkas Meatloaf with Cabbage Salad

Ingredients Leberkas Meatloaf with Cabbage Salad

(serves 4)

For the Salad
1/2 small white cabbage
salt, nutmeg, pepper to taste
3 tbsp white wine vinegar
3 tbsp sunflower oil
1 dash sugar
3-4 tbsp parsley, chopped

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For the Sandwich
4 German “Laugenbroetchen” or Pretzelrolls (Special German rolls which are made out of pretzel dough – How to make Pretzelrolls of Laugenbrotchen
4 tbsp coarse sweet mustard
or use regular mustard if you like
8 thinner slices (20g each) Leberkaese – Find Leberkaese at Bavariasausage

Cooking Instructions
– Cut cabbage in half and remove stem; cut it in quarters and then in fine stripes (horizontal).
– Pour salt, vinegar and oil over the cabbage and with the hands knead it very well.
– Add salt and pepper and let it stand for 2 hours.
– Wash parsley and chop it very fine.
– Cut buns in half and spread on the bottom half evenly mustard and add 2 slices of Leberkaese.
– Mix parsley with cabbage salad, spice if necessary again with salt and pepper.
– Add salad on top of Leberkaese and put the other half of the bun on top.
Serve it with Peperoni, the green ones from Kuehne are very mild and not hot at all, or Senfgurken from Hengstenberg.


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