Oktoberfest History

king ludwig

King Ludwig - picture credit: www.oktoberfest.de

Have you ever asked yourself how the German Oktoberfest came about? Well, you have now the opportunity to find it out and be the only one at your local Oktoberfest who knows the history.
There are not many people who know this. Continue reading and find out more:

First there was an idea

It was a civic corporal who started this idea to have an Oktoberfest in Munich. The member of the national guard he was, and suggested to celebrate the marriage of Ludwig from Bavaria with princess Therese from Saxon-Hildburghausen with a big horse race.
The banker and cavalry major Andreas von Dall’Armi submitted the proposal to the king Max I. Joseph from Bavaria, and he loved this idea right away!

The first Oktoberfest

October 17, 1810: The first horse race started to honor the royal couple and was the advancing wheel” for the Oktoberfest on the “Theresienwiese”, the grassland named after princess Therese. Since then the Oktobefest takes place on that grassland, which was back then a suburb of Munich, and is called now the “Wies’n”.

More information at www.oktoberfest.de

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