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Mulled wine recipe – Gluhwine or “Glühwein” in German is a traditional hot drink during the winter months.  Fall and winter is the time for warm and hot beverages. In Germany the most famous warm beverage recipe is a hot spiced (or mulled) wine named “Gluehwein”. In Scandinavia they call it Gloegg but it is served without alcohol. Glühwein tastes the best when drinking it outside, and when the temperature is low, actually when it is freezing cold. You can find the Glühwein on every German Christmas market and in every super market. On the markets they sell it steaming hot at their booths.
Glühwein smells good and tastes good. It is a wonderful drink for these cold winter days. Happy Cooking!

mulled wine recipe gluhwein

Ingredients Mulled Wine Recipe

(for 4 bottles with 750ml content)
750 ml white wine, dry
750 ml wine, rosé (Moscato)
1500 ml red wine, (Bordeaux)
300 g sugar
1 organic lemon
1 organic orange
2 cinnamon sticks
1 pinch nutmeg
5 cloves
2 star-anise
1/2 tbsp allspice

Cooking Instructions Mulled Wine Recipe

– Fill wine with sugar, grated lemon and orange peel and spices in a pot  and bring it to a boil.
– Let it stand for 1-2 days then strain it.
– Fill the mulled wine (Gluhwine) into clean bottles and close them right away.
Keep them up to 4 weeks at a cool and dark place. If you have a wine cellar, that’s the ideal place.

If you want to drink it just re-heat the wine but don’t let it boil.

The Fast Gluhwein Version

2 Liter red wine (not to dry)
sugar to taste
1 organic orange
2 cinnamon sticks
5 cloves
2 star anise seeds

Cooking Instructions
Warm the wine but don’t bring to a boil.
Cut orange in slices, add to the wine with all other spices and sugar.
Let sit for at least 30 min on very low heat.

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