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The Mixed salad with Schnitzel stripes is a delicious German salad. It can be used as a complete meal or as a cold buffet dish. This combination of a salad and Wiener Schnitzel is just great! The stripes tasted good warm or cold., and are made exactly the same way as a Wiener Schnitzel. Click here for the Wiener Schnitzel Recipe - Happy Cooking!

mixed salad with schnitzel stripes

Ingredients Mixed Salad with Schnitzel Stripes

3 Schnitzel (turkey, chicken or pork)
clarified butter, 1-2 tsp or more
salt, pepper, flour
1 egg
bread crumbs, unsalted and natural
1 small onion or chalotte
2 spring onions
1 iceberg salad or mixed greens
1 English cucumber
4-5 tomatoes depending on the size

1 tbsp of each: apple vinegar - Balsamico - honey (optional) or to taste - mustard, preferably German - horseradish
4 tbsp sun flower or olive oil
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
1 splash of lemon juice
125 ml water

Cooking Instructions Mixed Salad with Schnitzel Stripes

Make the Schnitzel:
- pound the meat a bit if it is pork, add salt and pepper, cut the meat in 1 inches thick stripes.
- Beat the egg.
- Turn the meat stripes first in flour, then egg, and finally in  bread crumbs. If you want you can cut the meat in stripes after you fried it. It's fine both ways.
- Fry the meat stripes in hot clarified butter.

Make the Salad:
- Wash and prepare the salad, cut Iceberg in small pieces if you use unpackaged salad.
- You can peel the cucumber if it is not organic; cut tomatoes in slices.
- Place all salad in a big bowl.
- Cut spring onions and onion/chalotte fine.

Make the Dressing:
- Mix all dressing ingredients in a jar with lid and  shake it very good (that's the best way to mix dressings by the way).
- Pour the dressing over the salad and mix it.
- Place it on plates and add the Schnitzel stripes.

Schnitzel stripes can be served warm or cold. It's up to you. I think Schnitzel tastes delicious cold and warm.

If you want you can add other ingredients to the salad such as sweet corn, sprouts or use different kind of greens (lettuce, romaine etc).


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