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MyBestGermanRecipes has become a membership site and the recipe you wanted to see requires a Standard Membership.

Why a membership site?
We have spend and still do a lot of hours to publish authentic German recipes for you. With your membership you support this website.
That means more original German recipes and even videos will be added. This is not or  Unfortunately I don't have thousands of Dollars to spent on website functions and search engine tools. Your membership fee will help to cover the website related fees and will help me to continue this website.

What will you get?
We offer a free and a paid membership.  A membership is required to access some sections of the website.

Free members are able to search our recipe database and 70-80 recipes will be accessible, paid members will see all recipes. All Standard members will be able to download our pdf cookbooks.
If you are looking for a special German recipe, we will try to find it for you.

Why join MyBestGermanRecipes?

  • Even there are many websites with German recipes, has only original and proven recipes. Every recipe has a photo, so you can see what will be the result of your cooking efforts.
  • All the recipes are in English.
  • Premium Members will never have to buy a German cookbook again. There will be more and more cook books added.
  • Don’t know how to cook a German dish?  Learn how to cook German as if you would be in Germany.
    We explain a lot and tell you where to buy the right ingredients.
  • Do you want to know the history of traditional German recipes? Do you want to hear some stories?
  • Have you ever wanted to celebrate an Oktoberfest? Impress you guess with some unique Bavarian and German foodies like you would find at the Oktoberfest in Munich. There are more than 600 German recipes available now.
  • Do you have German recipes stored on slips of papers, computer files, or from old German cook books?  Enter them into our database and have access to them from anywhere on the world.
  • Want to share your favorite German recipes?  Members can create their own custom cookbooks from any of the German recipes on the website. Share them on Facebook or Pinterest.
  • How about creating your own German website with your favorite recipes? This will be possible soon. Standard membership is affordable and contains interesting features that you might like. You will have also full access to all present and future site features and recipes.

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