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The marrow bone dumpling soup is a classic German soup that you will love. The soup consists of two parts which is the beef broth and the marrow bone dumplings. Enjoy this soup as the starter for a festive menu or just as a main dish – Happy Cooking!

marrow bone dumpling soup

Ingredients Marrow Bone Dumpling Soup

50 g bread crumbs
40 g marrow (beef)
1/2 roll (preferably German style)
2 tbsp chopped parsley
1 egg
salt, pepper and fresh grated nutmeg to taste

Cooking Instructions Marrow Bone Dumpling Soup

– Cook the bone first in water with some salt.
– Remove marrow from the bones, in a pan flatten it with a fork and melt it on mild heat, let cool off a bit.
– Beat the marrow foamy, add bread crumbs, parsley and egg, mix well – you should get a dough that can be formed.
– Add spices (nutmeg can be used more than usual).
– Bring the broth to  a boil.
– Form little dumplings and place them into the boiling broth, remove from stove and let them in the broth until they swim at the surface.
– Sprinkle the soup with chopped parsley.

Make the Beef Broth
250 g beef bones, small
1 onion, medium
2 celery stalks and 1/2 celery root
6 black pepper corns
3 cloves
1 bay leave
1 carrot
500 g stewing beef (osso bucco) – this is optional

Cooking Instructions Beef Broth
– Place the bones in cold water, bring to a brisk boil; then rinse bones with cold water. This inhibits that the broth will become milky. We want a clear broth.
– Peel and cut onion in half, poke the cloves into the onion.
– Chop celery stalks and root, carrot roughly.
– In a big pot place 2-2.5 liter cold water, add the bones and the meat, bring slowly to a boil. With a slotted spoon remove the foam.
– Add celery, carrot, bay leave, pepper corns.
– Let simmer on low heat until the meat is soft which can take 2-3 hours.

Tip: Never have the broth boiling or it will get milky.

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