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Mache Salad or "Feldsalat" in German is in my opinion the best green salad. It is also called "Lamb's ear" or "Corn salad". It is hard to find here in the USA as not every supermarket will carry it. The brand "Organic Girl" delivers it to many supermarkets that I have visited in CA and FL. Find out how we make the Mache Salad Dressing so the salad tastes like in Germany!
If mache salad is not available at the supermarket you always can get the seeds and grow your own Feldsalat. Mache has a sweet and nutty taste and tastes the best with a light oil-vinegar dressing. You can mix it with other greens as well such as spinach or lettuce. In Switzerland they add chopped hard boiled eggs to the salad which is really nice. That is how I make it! Happy Cooking!

mache salad dressing

Ingredients Mache Salad Dressing

serves 4
100 g or 3.9 oz mache salad, washed and clean
3 tbsp sunflower oil
3 tbsp white wine vinegar
1 hard boiled egg
2 tsp finely chopped onions (red or white) or chalotte onions
hint of nut meg
salt, fresh grated pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions Mache Salad Dressing

- Mix all ingredients well in a bowl.
- Boil egg, place it for 30 sec in cold water, peel egg and chop very fine.
- Place mache salad in a bowl.
- Add chopped egg on top of salad.
- Before serving the salad mix with the dressing.

Important: Mix the salad just before serving. Don't let it sit for even 2 minutes, it will get mushy.

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