May 222017
Alsace Bacon Onion Tart Flambee  - German Speckkuchen

This French specialty called Alsace Bacon Onion Tart Flambee is from the region Alsace with its main city named Strassbourg. During many centuries in the past that region alternated between being german and French. Many dishes can be found in the South of Germany around the city Freiburg in the Black Forest. The tart flambee … read more …

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May 052017
Dresden Cheese Cake Eierschecke

The Dresden Cheese Cake Eierschecke is a cake specialty from Dresden, mainly from Saxon and Thuringia. You can get it at the most beautiful cheese store and restaurant at (see photo below) or make it at home. Where does the name come from? We found some history for this cake: Schecke is a cake … read more …

Feb 222017
German Cheese Spaetzle Recipe

German Cheese Spaetzle are one of my favorites when it comes to local food from the South of Germany or also called Swabia. This recipes comes from a region named “Allgaeu” but it is popular throughout Swabia. It is the region before you enter Bavaria and the Allgaeu is famous for its cheese, the milk … read more …

Jan 302017
Potato Dumplings from the Pfalz

Potato dumplings from the Pfalz – The Palatinate in German is called “Pfalz” and comes from Latin Palātium, palace; and in the  region itself they call it in their dialect: Palz.  There is another word for it in German that is Rheinpfalz, as it is a region in South-Western Germany and connects to the river … read more …

Nov 072016
Curry Ketchup Recipes - Authentic German

  Curry Ketchup Recipes are very popular in Germany like the famous Currwurst (curry sausage).  How did it start? It started when the German lady Herta Heuwer served it on September 4, 1949 at her street booth in Berlin, at the corner Kant/Kaiser Friedrich Strasse in Charlottenburg.  It was not the sausages that made this … read more …

Nov 012016
German Green Pea Soup Cologne Style

The German Green Pea Soup Cologne Style is a special soup recipe from the Rhineland. They call it “Ähzezupp”, in high German “Erbsensuppe”. This soup is ideal for fall and winter and tastes great with sausages. In the Rhineland they use the smoked Mettwuerstchen (Mett sausages) which we found at They can be out … read more …

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Oct 272016
Westphalia White Beans Stew with Prunes

If you are in Westphalia you can find an interesting recipe that is a Westphalia White Beans Stew with dried plums. You can use also cooked plums (from Sunsweet) instead and add to the soup after it had been served (not while it is cooking). This is a specialty from the eastern part of Westphalia … read more …

Oct 252016
Sailor Stew Bremen Style - North German Recipe

Cook and eat like a sailor! Today find out about a local dish specialty from the city of Bremen in North Germany: The Sailor Stew Bremen Style. It is a hearty stew with beef and pork, served with boiled potatoes and vegetable of your choice. In German it is called “Matrosenfleisch”. Feel like being in … read more …

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