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Leipziger Allerlei is a German Vegetable recipe that makes a great side dish. This German recipe is an original recipe from the German Eastern city Leipzig that you will love.
Leipziger Allerlei  contains of fresh peas, carrots, asparagus, mushrooms or morels. You also can add green beans, cauliflower, or kohlrabi. The classic recipe adds additionally river crabs and crab butter. But it is not necessary at all to add crabs and crab butter. The photo shows the recipe with crabs though. I like this recipe because it has this variety of vegetables and that’s why it is a greta side dish for pork chops or Wiener Schnitzel. Happy Cooking!

leipziger Allerlei

Ingredients Leipziger Allerlei

1 small cauliflower
250 g asparagus
250 g green beans
250 g peas (fresh or frozen)
250 g carrots (small ones)
250 g mushrooms or morels (fresh or dried)
50 g butter
30 g flour
½ liter vegetable broth (instant organic cubes) or the cooking water from the vegetables
3 tbsp heavy cream, 25 g butter
salt, nutmeg, sugar, white pepper (optional: parsley, chervil)

Cooking Instructions Leipziger Allerlei

– Wash the vegetable.
– Break cauliflower apart.
– Peel asparagus and cut in 2 inches pieces.
– Clean beans and cut them in smaller pieces.
– Peel fresh peas; cut carrots in smaller pieces.
– Wash slice mushrooms. If you use dried mushrooms prepare them per instructions (soak in water).
– Boil every vegetable separate in water (with some salt added) until the vegetable is somewhat soft (al dente, that means it needs to be a bit crunchy)
– Drain the boiled vegetable and keep it warm (Cover with foil).
– Melt butter and add flour, stir continuously (no clumps), then add vegetable broth and bring it to a boil. Add heavy cream and butter, spice with salt, nutmeg, white pepper to taste and a dash of sugar.
– Now mix the vegetable with the sauce and serve it in a warm bowl or on a platter. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and chervil.

Serve it with veal or pork chops or Wiener Schnitzel.


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