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Leberkaese or sometimes Leberkase (in american-german) means literally translated "liver cheese" in German, even though in Bavaria it does not contain any liver at all. Leberkaese is a special sausage meat and very popular in the South of Germany, Bavaria, and Austria.
It is said that the meatloaf was invented in 1776 by the cook of Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria, although this story has been heavily contested.  It is baked in the oven like  a loaf until there is a brown crust. It's best warm as a sandwich. This is a very popular snack in Swabia and is served in any Bavarian Biergarten where you would enjoy it with a glass of Hefeweizen. Happy Cooking!

If you are interested to know how to make Leberkase at home - here is the Recipe: How to Make Leberkase

leberkase schnitzel

Ingredients Leberkase Schnitzel

4 slices leberkase
1 egg
bread crumbs
dash of salt
clarified butter or just butter to fry

Cooking Instructions Leberkase Schnitzel

- Place on one plate flour, in the other one the bread crumbs and in the third one an egg, add salt and whisk it with a fork.
- Slice the leberkase in thin slices (1 inch or 1.5cm thick), or get them already pre-cut at your store.
- Place the slices first in flour, then egg and finally bread crumbs.
- Melt ghee (clarified butter) in a skillet and fry them on both sides>

Serve them with mashed potatoes and fried onions on top, or with potato salad. You also can place a fried egg on top.

leberkase schnitzel

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  1. Where can I purchase leberkaese? I live in northern California but will order it if that is the only way …

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