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krapfen with pears

Krapfen is a German pastry that is made in a deep fryer. In Germany Krapfen are very popular during the Fasnacht (Karneval). You can fill Krapfen with other fruit such as apples or plums; this recipe is using pears for the filling. Always dust them with a layer of cinnamon and sugar. Happy Balking!

Ingredients Krapfen
500g flour
1 pk dry yeast
50 g sugar
150 ml milk
75 g butter
1 pinch salt
2 eggs
1 organic orange
3-4 firm pears
fat to deep fry
cinnamon-sugar mix

Baking Instructions Krapfen
- Place flour into a bowl, make  a mold in the middle, add yeast, 1Tbsp sugar and luke warm milk, mix it. Cover it and let raise until the dough has doubled.
- Melt butter, add remaining sugar, salt, eggs and grated orange peel (zest) and add to dough; knead until you get a smooth dough.
- Peel pears, remove core and cut in fine cubes, add to the dough; let raise covered another 20-30 minutes.
- With 2 table spoons make small Krapfen and add to the hot fat, fry them until golden brown then drip them on kitcxhen paper and sprinkle with sugar-cinnamon mix.

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  1. Have been looking for this recipe, I didn’t know the name, and after seeing the picture and reading the recipe, I was so excited. Remember my Mother making these, and how we all loved them.

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