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The kohlrabi soup from Bremen is a wonderful German soup and is very easy to make. Great soup for one of these cold evenings. You might be able to find kohlrabi at your local farmers markets. We found it at Sprouts and Wholefoods Kohlrabi is also called German turnip or turnip cabbage. Before cooking it you need to peel the root and remove the hard or thick parts. You don’t use the leaves or stems even I found some sources online that are mentioning to use them. We don’t add the leaves in Germany  to a recipe but we like kohlrabi raw. Grate it and add to your green salads. It’s a nice addition. Happy Cooking!

kohlrabi soup from Bremen

Ingredients Kohlrabi Soup frrom Bremen

4 smaller kohlrabi
2 small onions
150 g lean ham or smoked Kasseler
750 ml vegetable broth – How to make Vegetable Broth from Scratch –
(alternatively use instant broth in cubes; make per instructions)
2-3 tbsp sour cream or creme fraiche
4 slices processed cheese or cheese wedges, or 3 tbsp grated cheese such as Parmesan or Swiss Emmenthaler
1-2 tbsp sunflower oil
chopped parsley or chives


Cooking Instructions Kohlrabi Soup from Bremen

– Peel onion and chop fine, saute in the sunflower oil until they are transparent.
– Peel kohlrabi and chop in cubes, add to onions.
– Cut ham in very small and fine  cubes;  fry ham cubes in a separate pan without adding any oil.
– Add vegetable broth to kohlrabi and let simmer until kohlrabi is soft but not too much (al dente).
– Remove from stove.
– wWith a stick mixer puree the soup until you get a smooth consistence.
– Add sour cream and cheese and spice with salt and pepper to taste; the cheese should be melted completely before you serve the soup.
– Sprinkle with chopped parsley or chives before serving.

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