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Today learn about a very popular German cocktail: Hugo aperitif. Hugo is the name for a German cocktail or aperitif that has become very popular in Germany and it is mixed with elderflower syrup and "Sekt", champagne or Prosecco. In Germany you can find the cocktail already mixed in bottles in many supermarkets. In the USA you might find the rare elderflower syrup in special beverage stores or on Amazon. Great for the Happy Hour!

hugo aperitif

Elderflowers growing in Spring


The elderflower syrup is of  a golden color and can be used for cocktails, cooking, baking, dessert and iced teas, and non-alcoholic drinks. It is made of elderflowers which become later elderberries, and can also be used as a syrup or used for jams and juices.

It can be combined with  finishing iced teas, mineral water, sparkling wine, German Sekt, champagne and white wine.

Ingredients HUGO Aperitif

150 ml Prosecco
100 ml mineral water (very bubbly)
2 cl Elderflower syrup (Holunderblütensirup)
3 mint leaves
1 lime
ice cubes as needed

Instructions Hugo Aperitif

Place mint leaves in a round wine glass.
With a morsel press the leaves gently against the glass.
Add 1 slice of lime and ice cubes.
Add mineral water, elderberry syrup and Prosecco.

- Use lemon instead of limes.

- Soak the lemon slices in elderberry syrup and mint for 15-30 min in the fridge.

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