Jun 212019
Herb Quark with Potatoes- Pellkartoffeln mit Quark

Learn today how to make Herb Quark with Potatoes or Pellkartoffeln mit Quark in German, a very popular dish that is simple and healthy. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Herb Quark with Potatoes (serves 4) Potatoes 10 potatoes preferably Gold potatoes (amount depends on size) Herb Quark 250 g quark  – Alternatives to Quark and How to … read more …

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Jun 212019
German Quark Alternatives - Substitute Quark

You probably have asked yourself what could I use instead of quark? Many of the German recipes, especially cakes, pastries and desserts are using quark as a main ingredient. Quark is very common in Germany and you can find it in every supermarket. Unfortunately not in the USA. In Germany every creamery makes quark, in … read more …

May 282019
German Mustard Pickles

The German mustard pickles are so easy to make, you just need cucumbers, onions and some ingredients for the pickles liquid. Mustard pickles are very popular in Germany and can be bought at any supermarket. They are sweet-sour and great for the BBQ. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Mustard Pickles 2 kg firm cucumbers 1/2 liter … read more …

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Jan 142019
German Griebenschmalz Recipe - Lard Bread Spread

Are you looking for the famous lard bread spread from Germany? Here is the German Griebenschmalz Recipe, the popular lard bread spread. Griebenschmalz is made out of Flomen (leaf lard) and Pork Speck (belly fat). This is an original and authentic German recipe and that’s how it is been made in Germany. Grieben are the … read more …

Aug 312018
How to cook German Bratwurst

You would think that there is only one way to cook bratwurst, which is grilling them. In germany we have many different ways to cook Bratwurst. Find out in this article how you can change your recipe for Bratwurst and vary it. How to Cook German Bratwurst The Bavarian Weisswurst Is boiled in hot water … read more …

Feb 012018
How to make Frankfurter Ribs

Recipe for Frankfurter Rippchen or Frankfurter Ribs To make the Frankfurter ribs you need to cure them first with the help of curing salts. The usage of curing salts is for food preservation to prevent or slow spoilage by bacteria or fungus. Curing salts are generally a mixture of table salt, sodium nitrite and sometimes … read more …

Apr 282017
How to Make Dried Tomatoes in Oil

Dried tomatoes in oil are a special way to enjoy tomatoes!  I found an original German recipe of how to conserve tomatoes without adding any chemicals or preservatives. Dried tomatoes in oil are a great gift for  a party or can be used as an appetizer. Happy Cooking! How to make Dried Tomatoes in Oil … read more …

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Apr 242017
German Homemade Apple Sauce

The German homemade apple sauce can be used as a side dish for many other German dishes such as “Reibekuchen” (potato pancakes) or Kaiserschmarrn (see recipes at the end of the recipe). The apple sauce is so easy to make and if you like it unsweetened, don’t add any sugar. It is so much better … read more …

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