May 262020

Learn today how to make Herb Quark with Potatoes or “Pellkartoffeln mit Quark” in German, a very popular dish that is simple and healthy. Recommended are Gold potatoes of a smaller size. You can make the quark from scratch or check out this website  – – to see if you can get their delicious quark in a store nearby. See link below. In my opinion it’s the best quark available in the USA. Happy Cooking!

potatoes with herb quark

Ingredients Herb Quark with Potatoes

(serves 4)
10 potatoes preferably Gold potatoes (amount depends on size)

Herb Quark
250 g quark  – Alternatives to Quark and How to make Quark –
Assorted fresh herbs:  parsley, chives, dill, chopped
1 spring onion or 1 chalotte, chopped fine
salt, pepper, mild paprika to taste
3 tbsp heavy cream

wunder creamery quark

Cooking Instructions Herb Quark with Potatoes

– Boil potatoes with the skin until they are tender (they should not fall apart).
– Mix quark, heavy cream and spices well until it’s creamy.
– Cut chives very fine, the best is to use a scissor.
– Chop parsley, dill and spring onion fine, and add to quark.
– Mix well, then serve with the hot boiled potatoes.

Cut red or green pepper in super fine pieces and add to the quark.

german delicatessen box

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