May 042017
Pumpkin Orange Soup - German Recipe for Fall

Cooking with pumpkin today! In Germany we love pumpkin dishes too and it has become more and more popular. Learn how to make this delicious pumpkin orange soup from scratch. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Pumpkin Orange Soup 800 g pumpkin (hokkaido) 250 g carrots 1 onion, aomw butter 800 ml vegetable broth or water – How … read more …

Oct 242016
German Pumpkin Soup - A Black Forest Recipe

The German Pumpkin Soup is from the popular German region Black Forest. For this German recipe we use caraway seeds and thyme. It is a delicious seasonal soup – Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Pumpkin Soup 1 kg pumpkin 2 potatoes 1 leek 2 tbsp clarified butter caraway seeds, coriander, pepper corns, 1 branch thyme 1 liter … read more …

Oct 232016
Dracula Bundt Cake - German Halloween Recipe

Do you need a great Halloween recipe? Maybe for you Halloween party? Here is  the Dracula Bundt Cake, a German Halloween recipe. It is a German Bundt cake or as we say “Gugelhupf”, that you also can bake during the year. You would just not coat it with the red “blood” glaze but with, for … read more …

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Aug 102016
Halloween Cut Off Finger Cookies - Creepy Recipe

  Need some creepy Halloween party food? You found a good one today: The Halloween Cut Off Finger Cookies.  They look so real! This is an authentic German recipe that you will love. Happy Baking and Halloween! Ingredients Halloween Cut Off Finger Cookies 125 g butter (soft), 2 sticks 125 g sugar – 4.4oz 1 tsp lemon … read more …

Aug 102016
Filled Pumpkin - Authentic German Recipe

The Filled Pumpkin is another pumpkin recipe for your fall menu – a very special dish indeed using Hokkaido pumpkin or squash. It contains a special dried mushroom, the boletus or porcino (Steinpilz in German). You would need a flat pumpkin to make this dish. We found out that pumpkin is a good vegetable for … read more …

Aug 102016
Dead Eyes Creepy Halloween Drink

  It’s Halloween! If you throw a party you need good beverages that are creepy. We found a German recipe that you will love for your Halloween party: Dead Eyes Creepy Halloween Drink – make it non-alcoholic or add some alcohol, as you like. Happy Halloween! Ingredients Dead Eyes Creepy Halloween Drink lychees (from the … read more …

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Jul 282016
Silesian Pumpkin Soup - Traditional German Recipe

The Silesian pumpkin soup comes from the “old country called “Schlesien” in German. This recipe is old and traditional and comes from Silesia, a part of Europe that belonged to Germany but since 1945 it has been a part of Poland. On the map you can see that it is surrounded by Germany, the Czech Republic … read more …

Oct 222014
Halloween Hot white Chocolate

  Hot white chocolate for a long winter’s evening or for Halloween with some orange eatable color. Easy to make, just get some white chocolate. If the white chocolate is already sugared don’t add additional sugar. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Halloween Hot white Chocolate 200 g white chocolate, chopped 1000 ml (1 l) milk 2% 1/2 … read more …

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