Oct 292011

halloween recipes

Halloween recipes don't have any limits. The more scary and disgusting the better. Like this one. It is a Halloween recipe that tastes like chocolate mousse and looks like a dog mess. It will for sure cause some reactions like "gross" or "disgusting". Try the Halloween recipe out and see how your friends react! Happy Halloween and Cooking!

Ingredients Halloween Recipes
400g chocolate, semi-sweet
6 eggs
200g heavy cream
chopped hazelnuts (optional but very effect-full)
rum flavor (optional)

Cooking Instructions Halloween Recipes
- use the double boiler method and melt chocolate, let it cool off  a bit.
- separate eggs; add egg yolks to the chocolate.
- add chopped hazelnuts and mix it.
- beat egg white until firm; carefully mix it with the  chocolate.
- beat heavy cream until firm and mix it with chocolate.
- fill it into fill it into a cake decorating bag or a big freezer bag, and put it in the fridge for about 4 hours.
- make the mousse in cutting a inch whole at one corner of the bag, and squeeze the portions in dog mess style on a plate or bowl ( if you don't remember how it looks, see picture :))
It is easier when the mousse is not super firm.
You can also add some brown Smarties or chopped butter biscuits from Leibniz. It will add an authentic look.

Serve it with a "Halloweenish" smile and tell your friends that your doggy as produced a gift for them!


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