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german christmas markets tour has partnered up with very successful and experienced Tour companies for European destinations and we are happy that we can offer you some awesome German Christmas Market Tours in Germany, Austria, France, Alsace and Switzerland - these are the best regions of Europe for Christmas Markets.
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If you know the Christmas Market in Chicago, then you tasted a little bit of the flavor but this is not comparable to the original German Christmas Markets.

Almost every German city invests a lot of love and effort to create the best Christmas Market. The cities, towns and villages are decorated with hundreds, maybe thousands of lights and Christmas decoration items. The aroma of Stollen and Glühwein (mulled wine) is in the air, Bratwurst and Lebkuchen at almost every corner - it is like diving into a world of magic and old world charm.

By doing this tour you can explore the real German food specialties as we feature them on but, because you are in Germany, it is a completely different feel.

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Are you looking for a different tour than the Christmas Market tour in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Maybe you want to travel to a European country in 2017 for a spring or summer vacation?

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