Bavaria Spring Festival Tour 2017


bavaria spring festival 2017 has partnered up with a very successful and experienced Bavarian Tour company and we are happy that you can book now the unique Bavaria Spring Festival Tour - ONLY SOME PLACES LEFT!
Explore all the good German dishes as we feature them on our website  but this time you have them at the best Bavarian restaurants there are.
The tour is guided by Scott Stephens who speaks German and English and is your best guide for Bavaria that you can find.

Bavaria Spring Festival Tour  2017
Explore the Real Bavaria

Munich - Bamberg - Regensburg
$1,350 p.p.
$1,575 for single (the Flight is not included)
FROM 29 April 2017 - 7 May 2017 | 10 Vacancies LEFT - Book Now

Anchored by the Munich Frühlingfest which is the traditional May Pole Festival  you will enjoy Bavaria's best in this unique combination of Bavarian Culture, Cuisine, and History.
Starting at Munich Airport we visit Munich, a Maibaum Festival in Bavaria, Bamberg, Nuremberg and several communities around Munich.  The group size is limited to no more than 12 people. This is a non-traditional "tour."
Since we attend little known festivals and need to keep the schedule flexible we keep it to a small group. We stay at smaller hotels or inns, use public transportation, do a fair amount of walking and need to handle our own bags to and from the train stations and hotels.
However the hotels we use are quite close to the train stations and all have escalators and/or elevators, so pulling luggage isn't too hard.

Flight Information:
You do need to purchase your own airfare: Departure is from Munich (MUC) Airport.
At this time of year flights to Germany are competitively priced. You should arrange a custom flight schedule to meet the group by 11:00 AM on Saturday morning at Munich Airport with departure on Sunday or on Tuesday if you are adding the Royal Castle tour.

bavaria oktoberfestDay 1  April 29   Munich
We meet at the Munich airport and by 11am with Munich's efficient public transit system we transfer to the Hotel St. Paul located in the center of Munich. After checking in we head out to explore the city. Founded in the year 1158 Munich has a rich history from the “First Reich, Second Reich” and was, of course, the birthplace of the infamous “Third Reich.”
Our walk through Munich’s old town covers all these periods – medieval architecture, historical anecdotes and insights into the culture. Although each walk is slightly different and customized to the guest’s interests, we typically begin in the heart of Munich at the Marienplatz.
After enjoying the chimes of the famous Glockenspiel we will explore the city: The Neues and Altes Rathaus (City Hall), the Frauenkirche (Cathedral of Our Lady), and Munich’s open air market – the Viktualienmarkt.
We also walk a part of the route where Hitler’s putsch attempt failed in 1923. We will also see where he attended his first meeting of the DAP (German Worker’s Party – later the NSDAP) and visit where he gave his first major public speech. In the evening, we plan an early dinner at the Augustiner Beerhall which is only 850m from the Hotel St Paul.

Day 2  April 30    Munich

After a light but nourishing breakfast  we will explore more of Munich. Today you will experience a great Bavarian tradition which is the Weisswurst breakfast: White Sausages accompanied by a special sweet mustard, a pretzel, and plenty of Weissbier. The breakfast is accompanied by a live band playing typical Bavarian music.  The afternoon is at leisure.


Bavaria spring festival tour 2017Day 3  May 1   Munich
After an early breakfast  we travel south to one of the traditional Maibaum celebrations. Everyyear all the May Poles around Bavaria are inspected and the decision is made whether to keep or replace them. The towns that need to replace their poles always plan a huge celebration to go along with it. All the locals will turn out in their Tracht, the Lederhosen and Dirndl, a brass band will play, and often there is singing, yodeling, and traditional folk dancing. We will participate in the fun at one of these parties for the entire day. This is Bavarian tradition at its best!
Note: At this moment we won't know our exact destination until March 2017. In 2012 we were in Rottenbuch, 2013 in Peissenberg, 2014 in Böbing, 2015 in a Munich suburb, and 2016 in Herrsching.

bavaria oktoberfest nurembergDay 4 May 2     Nuremberg
After breakfast we depart on Germany's high-speed ICE train to Nürnberg (Nuremberg). It will take only two hours to get there. Upon arrival all our luggage will be secured into lockers at the train station.
Depending on the consensus of the group we can visit the giant Nazi Party Rally grounds or the courthouse involved in the infamous Nuremberg trials. The Documentation Center will provide you with all information about the darkest 18 years of German history. In the evening experience the traditional “Sechs mit Kraut” which is six different Nuremberg sausages with sauerkraut (or potato salad) in one of the leading restaurants of Nuremberg. Learn about the life in the middle ages and how Nuremberg became an important city in the Holy Roman Empire. After touring Nuremberg we retrieve our luggage and back on the train we leave for Bamberg (in 50 min) where we stay over night.  It's an easy 700m walk to the brewery Fässla - brewery and hotel under one roof.

bavaria oktoberfest 2016 BambergDay 5  May 3    Bamberg
After breakfast there is a walking tour through this beautiful, baroque city. We visit the Bamberg Cathedral and its famous "Bamberg Knight" and the Cathedral Square before visiting the heart of the city. Virtually untouched in WWII Bamberg maintains its status as an UNESCO World Heritage City. As the tour progresses there are stops at some of Bamberg’s most cherished breweries: Mahr's , Keesman, Spezial, Greifenklau, Klosterbraeu, and Ambräusianum. This evening's dinner features the famous Bamberg Stuffed Onion at the restaurant Schlenkerla. Enjoy the meal with a glass of Bamberg's world famous Rauchbier.

bavaria spring festival tour 2016Day 6  May 4   Bamberg | Rothenburg o. d. Tauber
After breakfast in the brewery we take the train to the wonderful city Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Upon arrival during lunch hours we stop for a great Franconian meal at the Hotel Glocke. The owners, the Thürauf family, offers an excellent local cuisine and also makes their own wines - the vines grow right on the vine slopes of Rothenburg.  After lunch enjoy a walking tour through the city.

After our tour which includes the church St. Jakob and its "Tilman Riemenschneider Blood Altar" enjoy the Christmas Museum and the famous Christmas store of Käthe Wohlfahrt. Or if you like visit the Medieval Crime Museum and the Reichsstadt museum. Sometime in the early evening we will head back by train to Bamberg.

bavaria spring festival tour regensburgDay 7 May 5   Regensburg
After breakfast we catch the train to Regensburg. Upon arrival our tour through Regensburg starts. Listen to the stories from the Roman times as well as from the Middle Ages as we tour this medieval city which survived the WWII. On the way we will stop at the famous Händlmaier Mustard shop. For lunch we stop at the Spital Garten Restaurant. The way leads us along the narrow, winding medieval alleyways in this well preserved UNESCO World Heritage City. We spend the evening and night the evening at the popular Hotel Kneitinger at the Arnulfsplatz.

beer spring festival tourDay 8 May 6   Munich
After breakfast we visit the Holy Mountain and monastery Kloster Andechs. The Bavarians say that if you had just one day to spend in Bavaria you should spend it at Kloster Andechs. It's a wonderfully subtle and sublime experience: Here you find a truly great beer. The Doppelbock's dark copper color features red highlights and harmonizes with its fine, rich foam to create a visual sensation.  Paired with Andech’s famous Schweinehaxe, (Pork Knuckle) it’s a culinary combination that is a must try.  Back in Munich in the evening we visit the Bier and Oktoberfest Museum. They serve an amazing Schweinebraten and we have time to visit the museum as well.

Day 9 May 7  Munich
The Spring Festival Tour ends here but others will continue with the Royal Castle tour.
It is just 45 minutes on the train to the Munich airport.
Before departure have one last Weisswurst and a glass of Bavarian beer at Munich airport’s very own on-premise brewery Airbräu.

bavaria oktoberfest neuschwansteinRoyal Castle Tour
Add another day and travel with us to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle inspired Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle and sits across the valley from Schloss Hohenschwangau where Ludwig II spent his childhood dreaming up his fairy-tale castle.
If you would like to visit the castle with us you extend your stay in Munich one more night. By taking the train about 2 hours to the city of Füssen we have the whole day and be back in Munih early evening.
Plan your return flight from Munich airport for Monday, May 8, 2017.


  • Price includes daily breakfast daily, all lodging and most of the transportation (not taxis).
  • This tour is suitable for people over 21.
  • Be aware that we do lots of walking each day. Many days will involve miles of walking throughout the day, and often over uneven paving stones. Good and comfortable shoes are important to wear.
  • You must be capable of handling your own luggage at the hotels and on public transit. If the hotels have elevators, they are small and slow.

NOT included:

  • Breakfast and one meal daily is included. One meal per day is on your own expenses.
  • Any service Tips which are usually 2-3 Euros.
  • Any beverages other than are complimentary
  • Guide and Driver Tips.
  • Phone calls, postcards, souvenirs,  snacks, laundry services, etc.
  • Transportation for optional trips.
  • The tour begins at Munich airport and ends at the hotel in downtown Munich.
  • Beverages.
  • Tips for service - these are quite small, 1-2 Euros usually.
  • Taxis - if we would choose a taxi the cost will be divided evenly.


All our tours require a good deal of walking.
We are able to assist with luggage but you need to manage it on your own.
The itinerary may change.
We may to adjust our plans to take in unplanned entertainment or events.
As we seek to bring the richness of real Bavarian Culture to our guests, we also try to bring in unusual activities if they fit into the schedule. This can be a visit to a vineyard, a demonstration from a local butcher on how Bavarian Weisswurst is made, a bakery or cheese factory tour, a hockey game, etc.
These types of items may be added to our itinerary as time will allow it.

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