Aug 242018
Ham Vegetable Casserole

The Ham Vegetable Casserole or Gratin is an authentic German recipe that can be easily changed into a vegetarian recipe. It is easy to make and healthy especially when you use organic ingredients. You also can vary the vegetables. It is tasty with asparagus, cauliflower, carrots, squash or zucchini as well. If you don’t like … read more …

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Aug 092018
German Asparagus Gratin with Ham

The German dish Asparagus gratin with ham is a light asparagus dish that can be an appetizer or a main dish served with boiled potatoes. Preferably made with white asparagus but green asparagus would be suitable too. We don’t recommend to use asparagus from the jar for this dish. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Asparagus Gratin 1kg … read more …

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Aug 092018
White Asparagus with Shrimp Hollandaise Sauce

Asparagus with Shrimp Hollandaise is a great dish for an entree or as a main or side dish. The German recipe is using crab butter and I could not find it to purchase but it is not difficult to make it. Happy Cooking!   Ingredients White Asparagus Shrimp Hollandaise Sauce 1kg white asparagus 1/8 liter … read more …

Jul 292018
German Vegetable Lasagne - Vegetarian Recipe

Like in every country, lasagne is also very popular in Germany, and we have a special recipe for  this dish. I guess every country has this basic Italian dish adapted and made its own version of it. Learn today how to make the German vegetable lasagne. The lasagne contains many different vegetables, is topped with … read more …

May 072018
White Asparagus Recipe the German Way Easy and Simple

This white asparagus recipe is not just easy and simple but also healthy. To make asparagus we are not using any additional water to cook the vegetable. It will be steamed in its own liquid which is the best way as all the nutrients will be available, and won’t get lost in the boiling water. … read more …

Feb 082018
German Green Beans Wrapped in Bacon

Learn today how to make German Green Beans Wrapped in Bacon. Fabulous side dish for your festive menu. The recipe is using summer savory (Bohnenkraut) which is an herb that came to Germany in the 9th century,  brought by monks to grow in their monastery gardens. Summer savory is used in combination with vegetable like … read more …

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Jan 032018
Spinach Potatoes Fried Egg Dish

The spinach potatoes fried egg dish is very German and as of today it is the meal for many families. It is healthy and a very tasteful combination for a nutritious meal. Spinach is not only good food for babies. This green vegetable has high nutritional values; contains antioxidants, especially when fresh, steamed, or quickly … read more …

Dec 282017
Savoy Cabbage Potato Puree with Sausages

Do you know savoy cabbage? It is a vegetable that is very popular in Germany and it can be used for many dishes. Today we let you know how to make the savoy cabbage potato puree. It tastes delicious with sausages and mustard. Happy Cooking!   Ingredients Savoy Cabbage Potato Puree 750 g potatoes (Russet) … read more …