Jun 152017
Spinach Potatoes Fried Egg Dish

The spinach potatoes fried egg dish is very German and as of today it is the meal for many families. It is healthy and a very tasteful combination for a nutritious meal. Spinach is not only for babies. It has a high nutritional value; contains antioxidants, especially when fresh, steamed, or quickly boiled. Spinach is … read more …

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May 232017
German Vegetable Casserole - Great Veggie Dinner

In Germany many people have their own garden where they grow all kinds of vegetable. In summer when all vegetable is ready in abundance you might want to cook a German vegetable casserole which we call in German “Auflauf”. If you cannot have your own garden we recommend to get the vegetable local from the … read more …

May 022017
Ribbon Pasta Dinner with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

For this recipe delicious Ribbon Pasta Dinner, that comes with a creamy mushroom sauce ,we are using the wide ribbon pasta because they soak up the gravy or sauce the best. If you cannot find mixed mushrooms you can also use dried morels or chanterelles. Another variation is to use fresh mushrooms instead of dried … read more …

Apr 282017
How to Make Dried Tomatoes in Oil

Dried tomatoes in oil are a special way to enjoy tomatoes!  I found an original German recipe of how to conserve tomatoes without adding any chemicals or preservatives. Dried tomatoes in oil are a great gift for  a party or can be used as an appetizer. Happy Cooking! How to make Dried Tomatoes in Oil … read more …

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Nov 242016
German Red Cabbage - Original Authentic Recipe

German Red Cabbage or in German “Rotkohl” (some say also Blaukraut) is a great side dish. It goes very well with German Beef Rouladen and mashed potatoes which is a very traditional combination. You can find German red cabbage on every festive menu, in every good restaurant and inn that serve home made dishes. Red Cabbage … read more …

Nov 072016
Curry Ketchup Recipes - Authentic German

  Curry Ketchup Recipes are very popular in Germany like the famous Currwurst (curry sausage).  How did it start? It started when the German lady Herta Heuwer served it on September 4, 1949 at her street booth in Berlin, at the corner Kant/Kaiser Friedrich Strasse in Charlottenburg.  It was not the sausages that made this … read more …

Oct 142016
Egg Cauliflower Recipe - Healthy Veggie Dinner Option

If you like egg dishes you will like this Egg Cauliflower Recipe. It is a German ragout or stew with eggs and cauliflower served in a creamy cheese sauce. It will take about 45 minutes to make it, and the dish has only 400 calories per serving. It is a great dinner option not only … read more …

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Oct 072016
German Onion Tart - Onion Cake Zwiebelkuchen of Germany

The German Onion Tart or “Zwiebelkuchen” is a popular dish of the South. This local specialty is often served with “first wine” in October. The first wine is called “Suesser” or “Sauser” (in the Rhineland Federweisser). In the region around Freiburg in the Black Forest (Kaiserstuhl) you can enjoy a piece of German onion tart with … read more …