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The German sweet quark souffle is easy to make but you need quark for this dish. Quark is  a German milk product that is available in every German super market, unfortunately not in the USA. You can make quark at home and it is not that difficult. Find the recipe below at the ingredient list.

German Quark Souffle Recipe

Ingredients German Sweet Quark Souffle Recipe
4 eggs separated
150 g sugar
.5oz vanilla sugar (1 package Dr Oetker) – How to make Vanilla Sugar –
500 g quark – How to make Quark at home –
100 g flour
50 g semolina, fine
50 g butter
100 ml milk

Cooking Instructions German Sweet Quark Souffle Recipe
– Separate eggs.
– Beat egg yolks with sugar until foamy.
– Fold in quark, semolina and vanilla sugar. Mix well.
– Beat egg white until very firm. Add to the dough with a spatula. Mix slowly.
– Place milk in a fire proof form, add butter cut in small pieces.
– Add dough to milk.
– In pre-heated oven bake for 40-45 min on 180 C or 375 F.

Optional: Sprinkle before the form is int he oven a package of vanilla sugar on top. This creates a nice crust.
Serve with fruit, fresh or as compote. – Go to the recipe for Apple Pumpkin Compote –

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