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The best dessert for a hot summer day: The refreshing German strawberry quark dessert is so easy to make and so delicious. You can make the quark from scratch or use the one from Wundercreamery – see the link in the recipe. It might be available in a local store of your area. Happy Cooking!

german strawberry quark dessert

Ingredients German Strawberry Quark Dessert

(makes 4 servings)

1 kg strawberries
sugar to taste
1 package vanilla sugar How to Make Vanilla Sugar –
milk as needed
500 g quark – How to Make Quark –
whipped cream for decoration and some strawberries

wunder creamery quark

Cooking Instructions German Strawberry Quark Dessert

– Wash strawberries, remove green part, cut in halves.
– Combine quark with sugar, vanilla sugar and a little bit of milk. Mix well, you should get a smooth cream.
– Puree the strawberries with a stick mixer.
– Combine strawberry puree with the quark cream. Mix well.
– Place the cream into 4 glasses or dessert bowls.
– Whip some heavy cream without any sugar (you can add some liquid vanilla extract if you like).
– Squirt some whipped cream on top of each glass.

Serve right away or keep cool until you serve this delicious dessert.
Alternatively you also can use raspberries or blueberries, mango, peaches or apricots.
If you cannot get quark use Greek yoghurt.

For many German cakes, pastries and dessert you need Vanilla Sugar! The best one is from Dr Oetker. Available on Lovegermanfood.com

german vanilla sugar

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