Jan 062017

German Spaghetti Dinner

Ingredients German Spaghetti Dinner

500 g Spaghetti or your favorite pasta
2 garlic cloves
olive oil
3 tbsp cream cheese with herbs or
2 tbsp chopped herbs mix (chives, parsley, thyme) with regular cream cheese
100 ml heavy cream
4 tbsp grated cheese eg. aged Gouda or Parmesan
salt, pepper to taste
1/2 tsp Instant veggie broth or to taste (optional)
Parmesan cheese  to sprinkle pasta

Cooking instructions German Spaghetti Dinner

  • Cook paste per instructions until "al dente".
  • Chop garlic fine. Heat olive oil.
  • Saute garlic in the oil for some minutes.
  • Add cream cheese and/or  herbs and heavy cream. Mix well until smooth. Reduce heat.
  • Spice with salt and pepper, add cheese and melt it. Add veggie broth.

Serve Spaghetti with the sauce and a mixed salad would match very well.

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