Feb 242021
German Sauerkraut Soup - Authentic Recipe

The German Sauerkraut Soup is a very tasty and easy to make soup! It is the right soup for cold evenings in fall or winter. Sauerkraut contains a lot of Vitamin C, and is a typical German winter season vegetable. When combined with Kassler, a German specialty, smoked pork chop or ribs, it makes an … read more …

Feb 242021
Healthy German Vegan Potato Soup - Saxon Style

What about a Healthy German Vegan Potato Soup – Saxon Style for dinner or lunch today? You cannot go wrong with this soup. If you love meat just add some bacon or sausages to the soup. But it’s a 100% vegan and vegetarian soup recipe – very healthy and nutritious indeed! Happy Cooking! Ingredients Healthy … read more …

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Feb 152021
Ground Beef Cabbage Soup

This German ground beef cabbage soup is a delicious soup for all seasons. It is super easy to make and so savory. The soup contains as main vegetable cabbage, and is combined with ground beef, potatoes and carrots. Serve with a slice of fresh German bread. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Ground Beef Cabbage Soup 1 small … read more …

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Feb 082021
German Split Pea Soup - Authentic Recipe

The German Split Pea Soup, or as we call it in German “Erbseneintopf or Erbsensuppe”, is another great soup you will like.  The split pea soup is a typical German soup that is very popular during the fall and winter months. Split pea soup can be made with or without meat – it is up to … read more …

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Feb 022021
German Lentil Soup - Authentic Recipe

The German lentil soup is a classic among all German soups. We tried out several options: Using lentils from a can and dried ones. We came to the conclusion: Dried lentils are the best. You can reduce the cooking time when soaking them the evening before in water, and let them sit over night. Just … read more …

Nov 062020
Authentic Pichelsteiner Bavarian Stew

This recipe has tradition, the Pichelsteiner Bavarian Stew.  It is one of the popular soup or stew (Eintopf) recipes from Germany, and this one is from Bavaria. It is very easy to do: Cut all ingredients in small pieces, mix them in a big pot, and let cook. Everything will boil nicely until it is … read more …

Oct 262020
German  White Bean Soup Westphalia Style

Westphalia is a region of Germany that is located in the Northwest, and it is one of the three historic parts of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It used to be part of the Kingdom of Prussia from 1815 to 1918 and the Free State of Prussia from 1918 to 1946. So after the war Westphalia merged with … read more …

Oct 112020
German Beef Broth - Homemade Authentic

The German beef broth is the base for many other soups and recipes.  It is better than the broths in a package or can because it is all natural without any preservatives or additives. Try this broth one time, and you don’t want to eat the processed broths anymore. Almost every Sunday in my childhood … read more …