Jan 102017
German Cream of Cauliflower Soup

The German Cream of Cauliflower soup or “Blumenkohlsuppe” as we call it in German is an easy to make soup. Cauliflower is such a healthy vegetable for many dishes not only in Germany. The base of the cauliflower soup is a chicken broth but you could also use a vegetable broth (the best home made). … read more …

Jan 022017
German Egg Croutons - Eierstich for Soups

The German egg croutons are great for any broth, chicken, beef or vegetable. If you like make the broths from scratch or use instant broths. We have some easy to make German broth recipes for you: Vegetable Soup made from Scratch Chicken Broth Home made Beef Broth Ingredients German Egg Croutons 4 medium size eggs … read more …

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Dec 152016
Gaisburger Marsch Eintopf - A Specialty from Stuttgart

This original German recipe Gaisburger Marsch Eintopf comes from Swabia, the region around Stuttgart, and from a part that is named Gaisburg. We researched to find out how this delicious soup came about. Here is the story: It is been said that this dish was so popular in the 19th century among the officer candidates that … read more …

Dec 152016
German Sauerkraut Soup - Authentic Recipe

German Sauerkraut Soup – A very tasty and easy to make soup! It is the right soup for these cold evenings in fall or winter. Sauerkraut contains a lot of Vitamin C, and is a typical German winter season vegetable. When combined with Kassler, a German specialty, smoked pork chop, it makes an awesome main … read more …

Dec 042016
Onion Soup Recipe - Authentic German

This is an onion soup recipe that you will like, it is quite different than the French version. The most onion soups are made with white wine, toasted bread and cheese, which is hard to digest. Today I wanted to create a different onion soup, and I made one which is easy to digest and … read more …

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Nov 042016
German Lentil Soup - Authentic Recipe

The German lentil soup is a classic among all German soups. We tried out several options: Using lentils from a can and dried ones. We came to the conclusion: Dried lentils are the best.  You can reduce the cooking time when soaking them the evening before in water, and let them sit over night. Just … read more …

Nov 012016
German Green Pea Soup Cologne Style

The German Green Pea Soup Cologne Style is a special soup recipe from the Rhineland. They call it “Ähzezupp”, in high German “Erbsensuppe”. This soup is ideal for fall and winter and tastes great with sausages. In the Rhineland they use the smoked Mettwuerstchen (Mett sausages) which we found at BavariaSausage.com. They can be out … read more …

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Oct 272016
Westphalia White Beans Stew with Prunes

If you are in Westphalia you can find an interesting recipe that is a Westphalia White Beans Stew with dried plums. You can use also cooked plums (from Sunsweet) instead and add to the soup after it had been served (not while it is cooking). This is a specialty from the eastern part of Westphalia … read more …