Jan 082018
German Liver Dumpling Soup - Bavarian Specialty

The German liver dumpling soup is a Bavarian Specialty and called in German “Leberknoedelsuppe”. Knoedel is a dumpling and Leber is liver. If you travel to Bavaria one day, don’t forget to try one; you can get this soup in almost every Gasthaus. The home made recipe’s base is a beef broth, as described in … read more …

Dec 212017
German Soups: Porcini Soup or Steinpilzsuppe

German Soups are awesome! One classic German soup is the “Steinpilzsuppe” or Porcini soup. The fall season is mushroom season in Germany and especially in Bavaria you can find this great mushroom, the Boletus, Porcini or Steinpilz in the forests. Porcini is the most popular of the boletus mushrooms. Varieties in addition to the porcini … read more …

Nov 102017
German Potato Horseradish Soup

This German Potato horseradish soup is easy to make and inexpensive too! I like the fact that healthy and tasty food does not have to be expensive. It was very common in Germany to serve only meat for the Sunday lunch such as chicken, beef or pork. During the week meatless dishes were served such … read more …

Jun 122017
German Ground Beef Cabbage Soup

The German ground beef cabbage soup is for all seasons, super easy to make and so delicious. The soup contains cabbage, ground beef, potatoes and carrots. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Ground Beef Cabbage Soup 1 small cabbage 300 g ground beef 1 medium onion 3 medium potatoes 2 medium carrots 1 tbsp caraway seeds salt, … read more …

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Jun 012017
German Asparagus Soup - Easy To Make

Ingredients German Asparagus Soup 1/4 liter water (the asparagus cooking water) 200 g fresh asparagus, green or white 30 g butter 1 tbsp flour 1/8 liter heavy cream 2 egg yolk (optional) salt, nutmeg, pepper to taste chopped chives 1 cube instant vegetable broth, or 1 tbsp splash of white wine Cooking Instructions German Asparagus … read more …

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May 262017
Sauerkraut Stew with Sausages - Traditional German Dish

Sauerkraut stew with sausages is a wonderful dish for any season. You must try this stew – or “Eintopf” in German – if you like Sauerkraut. The best is to get the canned German Sauerkraut from Hengstenberg or Kuehne if possible. You would also need sausages for this recipe, and we recommend to get the … read more …

May 042017
Pumpkin Orange Soup - German Recipe for Fall

Cooking with pumpkin today! In Germany we love pumpkin dishes too and it has become more and more popular. Learn how to make this delicious pumpkin orange soup from scratch. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Pumpkin Orange Soup 800 g pumpkin (hokkaido) 250 g carrots 1 onion, aomw butter 800 ml vegetable broth or water – How … read more …

Apr 202017
Summer Zucchini Tomato Stew - Authentic German Eintopf

When zucchinis and tomatoes are ripe in the garden, you have an abundance of them. What to do with all the vegetable? Make this dish, the summer zucchini tomato stew, in a big pot and freeze it, so you can have this delicious stew in fall. It is easy to make and the Italian herbs … read more …

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