Endive Salad with German Dressing – Endiviensalat

endive salad

Find out today how to make a special salad, the endive salad with a German dressing. Endive is a leaf vegetable which is bitter-leaved such as radicchio, puntarelle, and Belgian endive. For this recipe the curly endive, or frisée is used. This type has…

German Potato Salad Franconia Style

German potato salad Franconia style

Germany is the country of all kinds of potato dishes like no other country! Potato recipes are popular and part of almost every menu. Learn today how to make the German Potato Salad Franconia Style. It is a proven recipe from the region Franconia…

Bavarian Sauerkraut Salad – Oktoberfest Dish

bavarian sauerkraut salad

Bavaria is known everywhere for its Oktoberfest with Bavarian beer, Bratwurst, Ham Hocks, and Sauerkraut. Here in the USA it has become a traditional fest too. You can celebrate it in many US cities. If you create your private Oktoberfest try out this Bavarian Sauerkraut Salad….

How to Make German Salad Dressing – Two Popular Dressings

german salad dressing

For any salad the best dressing is made from scratch. Learn today how to make two German salad dressing. One is sweet-sour, the other one is with yogurt. These dressings are healthy and easy to make. Forget about the expensive dressings from the supermarket…

German Potato Celery Salad – Authentic Recipe

This German potato celery salad  is a light and healthy German salad not just for the barbecue season. It is a great salad as a side dish or even a main dish served with fresh bread. You will be surprised how easy it is…

German Fleischsalat – Traditional Sausage Meat Salad

german fleischsalat

Learn today how to make the popular German Fleischsalat. The main ingredient for this salad is fried or cooked meat, Lyoner Sausage (Bologna) or Leberkäse. At a German butcher’s you would ask for a sausage called “Fleischwurst”. The meat or sausage is cut in…

German Egg Salad Sandwich – Healthy Bread Spread

german egg salad sandwich

The German egg salad sandwich is a healthy and easy to make bread spread recipe. It’s an open sandwich or a Belegtes Brot as we say in German. The classic version is a piece of bread or half of a roll plus a spread…

German Mixed Summer Salad

german mixed summer salad

Summer is the time for BBQs. The best side dish for Bratwurst, steaks or other meat is always a salad. That’s why we feature the German mixed summer salad which is so easy to make and can be easily a whole meal by itself….