Oct 062020
German Cucumber Tomato Salad

This is such an easy salad to make! The German cucumber tomato salad is a healthy salad and tastes the best when using organic vegetables. It is a suitable side dish for the barbecue grill or goes very well with Bratwurst, Wiener Schnitzel or fried potatoes. Try it out. You will love this combination. Happy … read more …

Apr 202020
German Cucumber Apple Salad

Ideal as a side dish for your summer barbecue, this German cucumber apple salad will be a good choice. It is done within minutes. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Cucumber Apple Salad 1 English cucumber 10 radishes 1/2 apples 2 spring onions 3 tbsp oil (taste neutral) 3 tbsp white wine vinegar salt, pepper to taste … read more …

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Apr 192020
Easy German Tomato Salad - Authentic Recipe

There is nothing better than a German salad such as the easy German tomato salad! The best is to use ripe, firm and organic tomatoes to get the full tomato flavor. You can vary the herbs and if you like add fine sliced German pickles. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Easy German Tomato Salad 500 g ripe … read more …

Mar 292020
Best German Cucumber Salad with Oil and Vinegar

There is no substitute for a real German salad! Learn to day how to make the Best German Cucumber Salad. This recipe is so simple and yet so delicious! We recommend to use organic cucumbers and fresh herbs. For the vinegar we recommend to use German vinegar, if you cannot get it use the Italian … read more …

Mar 092020
German Potato Salad Franconia Style

Germany is the country of all kinds of potato dishes like no other country! Potato recipes are popular and part of almost every menu. Learn today how to make the German Potato Salad Franconia Style. It is a proven recipe from the region Franconia or as we call it “Frankenland” in German. Serve this potato … read more …

Mar 032020
Bologna Salad Wurstsalat - German Specialty from the South

Today we learn how to make a delicious German dish from the South that you can get at any Inn or Gasthof. It is the Bologna Salad – Wurstsalat in German. The sausages for this salad are traditionally Bologna or in German “Lyoner”, some use meat loaf (Fleischkaese) too. We find this sausage in international … read more …

Feb 062020
Berlin Potato Salad - Local Recipe from Berlin

The Berlin potato salad or in German, “Berliner Kartoffelsalat”,  is a specialty from the capital of Germany, from Berlin. If you plan to make this salad keep in mind that it has to rest for 3-4 hours or the best would be to keep it in the fridge over night. It’s a great German salad … read more …

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Jan 082020
German Carrot Celery Salad

The German carrot celery salad can be used a s a side dish for summer or winter meals. Carrots and celery are used during the winter months a lot. In summer use it as a salad for the barbecue, it’s a great combination with potato salad and lettuce which makes a mixed salad that is … read more …

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