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German Rice pudding or Milchreis in German is a traditional dessert that is served with apple sauce, fresh fruit or Rote Gruetze. It was a dish that accompanied my childhood like a red yarn, as we say in German. It can be a dessert or a sweet main dish. You might know this dessert from the Hispanic cuisine where it is called "Arroz con leche". Dr Oetker has a packaged mix but nothing is better than home made! Use the California Sushi rice, Arborio or short grain rice. Important it to use the short grain rice and never long grain rice. Happy Cooking!

german rice pudding

Ingredients German Rice Pudding

1 liter milk, luke warm
250 g milk rise or short grain rice like risotto rice (Arborio)
4 tbsp sugar or honey, agave syrup to taste
1 tbsp butter, unsalted
1 vanilla bean or vanilla extract or 1 package vanilla sugar, 0.3oz - How to make Vanilla Sugar -
sugar and cinnamon mix, fresh fruit, apple sauce or fruit puree

Cooking Instructions German Rice Pudding

- Melt butter in a big pot.
- Add rice and saute briefly in the butter.
- Pour in milk and sugar, mix well.
- Cut vanilla bean in half and with a spoon remove the vanilla seeds, add to rice. Or add vanilla extract or sugar.
- Bring to  a boil while mixing carefully with a wooden spoon. The rice should not settle at the bottom of the pot.
- Reduce heat to lowest level, cover with lid.
- Let simmer for 30 min, after 15 min mix again.

Serve the rice pudding warm or cold.

Add a cinnamon-sugar mix, apple sauce, rote gruetze, fresh fruit or any fruit sauce.  - Find the Recipe for Rote Gruetze -

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