Oct 092020
German Sweet Bread with Hazelnut Filling - Nusszopf

The “Nusszopf” or German sweet bread with a hazelnut filling is a classic German cake or pastry. It is made out of a yeast dough and filled with almonds or hazelnuts, braided. This is an authentic and proven German recipe. To make this German sweet bread you need to have some baking experience. It’s a … read more …

Oct 022020
German Rotweinbraten - Braised Beef in Red Wine

German Rotweinbraten or Braised Beef in Red Wine is a German dish that is wonderful for the festive/holiday menu. The beef will be marinated for almost one day in a red wine marinade that makes the meat tender, and adds a subtle red wine taste to it. Serve it with your favorite side dish. The … read more …

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Sep 272020
German Bread Dumplings with Chanterelle Sauce

Today we have a delicious holiday side dish for you: German Bread Dumplings with a Chanterelle Sauce. These dumplings and the sauce go very well with a steak, a pot roast or schnitzel. Ideal for a festive menu! Chanterelle mushrooms are very special mushrooms.  We call them “Pfifferlinge” in German. Their smell is kind of … read more …

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Sep 122020
Bavarian Pork Roast with Beer Gravy and Semmelknodel

This is a perfect Bavarian Oktoberfest or fall meal that you will love! The Bavarian Pork Roast comes in a beer gravy and is served with bread dumplings (Semmelknödel) and Bavarian cabbage or red cabbage. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Bavarian Pork Roast 2 kg pork roast, preferably with the slab caraway seeds, coarse salt, pepper to … read more …

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Sep 012020
Sausages in Beer Gravy - Authentic German Recipe

Sausages in beer gravy  is a authentic and original German dish. Germany is the country of the best sausage making since centuries. The best sausages are made in Germany. You probably know the simple version of a boiled and/or fried sausage that you enjoy with a roll or bread and Sauerkraut. The recipe today shows … read more …

Jul 172020
German Strawberry Quark Dessert

The best dessert for a hot summer day: The refreshing German strawberry quark dessert is so easy to make and so delicious. You can make the quark from scratch or use the one from Wundercreamery – see the link in the recipe. It might be available in a local store of your area. Happy Cooking! … read more …

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Jul 162020
Authentic Swabian Cheese Spaetzle

You will love this recipe for authentic Swabian Cheese Spaetzle! This local recipe comes from a region named “Allgaeu”, a very popular region of the South very close to Bavaria. It’s a region that is famous for its various dairy products: Cheese, the milk, quark and yoghurts. Because the landscape is so lovely it attracts many … read more …