Apple Rice Casserole – Apfelreis

Apple Rice Casserole - Apfelreis

For many Germans in the USA this was a dish from their childhood in Germany. The sweet dish Apple Rice Casserole – Apfelreis is still a favorite and very popular. In German we call it a “Auflauf”. You would use layers of short grain…

German Potato Goulash – Kartoffelgulasch

german potato goulash

Here’s another yummy German dish that is quite popular: You will love the German Potato Goulash dish. It doesn’t contain beef but sausages and potatoes. This Eintopf or stew is spiced with paprika, marjoram and caraway seeds, and can be served with some fresh…

German Beer Bread – Original Bavarian Recipe

german beer bread

German Beer Bread is the best to be made with German beer and especially the Bavarian beer from Hofbrau which is one of the oldest breweries in Bavaria. Here is a little history of the Hofbrauhaus: The Hofbrauhaus was founded in 1589 by Herzog…

Poached Eggs in Mustard Sauce – Verlorene Eier

poached eggs in mustard sauce

This German egg dish – Poached eggs in Mustard Sauce – is coming from the good old times when meat was rare or too expensive. It’s a recipe from grandmothers cooking book and what do you know, it’s still popular. It’s called in German…

Easy German Apple Streusel Cake

german apple streusel cake

This easy German apple streusel cake is one of  our favorite cakes (streusel means crumbles). It can be varied with the Damson plums, peaches or apricots. It is the ultimate “Kaffee and Kuchen Cake” in Germany – what we call a typical coffee cake….

Authentic German Cabbage Soup with Croutons

german cabbage soup

This is a delicious German cabbage soup for all seasons. Soem say it’s a soup for fall and winter but honestly, I think it doesn’t matter.  Nevertheless cabbage is a popular fall/winter vegetable in Germany and can be used for many German recipes such…

German Fried Potatoes Berlin Style

german fried potatoes berlin style

This is a recipe for German Fried Potatoes Berlin Style or “Bratkartoffeln Berliner Art” as they make it in the capital of Germany, Berlin. Recommended are potatoes such as the yellow Gold or red potatoes, Russet are cooking too soft and fall apart. Serve…

Cherry Cream Dessert – Authentic German Recipe

cherry cream dessert

The Cherry Cream dessert is a delicious combination of sour cherries, heavy cream, and Kirsch Schnaps. In the South of Germany, especially in the Black Forest,  you can get the best Kirsch Schnaps and sour cherries. These cherries can be found in many German…