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German Quince jelly of Quitten Gelee, is  something from grandma’s times. It is quite some work to make it but you will be surprised how delicious this jelly – Gelee in German – will be. First of all get quince – Quitten in German. You might find them at your local farmers market. The recipe is using the German jam sugar which is called “Gelierzucker”. You might find him at German online stores in the USA or wherever you are. If you cannot get it just use organic sugar; I make  a mix iof organic sugar and brown sugar. Cooking time is  a bit longer. Or get the natural fruit pectin, this in combination with sugar will make your jelly firm in any case.

german quince jelly

Ingredients German Quince Jelly
1kg quince
150 ml dry white wine
150 ml apple juice, clear
1kg sugar or German Gelierzucker (see below)


Cooking Instructions German Quince Jelly
– wash quinces, rub them and cut in quarters; remove blossom parts and stems.
– Place fruit in a big pot with 3/4 l water, apple juice and wine, bring to a boil on low heat  – for about 45 minutes.
– Place a sieve in a pot and use a kitchen cloth to get the juice from the quince. press the fruit to get all the juice that will be draining into the pot.
– Mix the quince juice with sugar and bring to  a boil, then let boil for 4 minutes or longer until you get a jelly. Test it on a plate, let cool off and see if it is thick. If not let it boil longer.
– Remove all foam with a big spoon.
– Pour jelly in prepared jars and cover them right away with lids.

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