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Learn today how to make German Quince Jam Jelly without the special “Gelierzucker”, the sugar for jams that you only can get online or in special German shops in the USA. In this recipe you would be using regular sugar. It’s been said that the jelly wont get milky and stays clear, and has an intense taste. To make the jelly, you need to make juice first, and the quinces must be very ripe. Ripe quinces are smelling like pineapple and have to be yellow.
Did you know that quinces were common in the USA and grew in the gardens and were used in the kitchen from colonial days through the 19th century, until commercial gelatin and pectin came on the market.
Well, check your local farmers market, maybe you are lucky. If you found quinces let us know. Happy Cooking!

German Quince Jam Jelly

Ingredients German Quince Jam Jelly

5 kg ripe quinces (produce 2-2.5 liter juice)
1 kg sugar
juice from 1 lemon
optional: seeds from 1 vanilla bean
optional: 1 ripe pear, cut in small cubes


Cooking Instructions German Quince Jam Jelly

– With a moist cloth rub the fruit so the tiny brown hair will be removed.
– Cut quinces in 1 inch thick cubes.
– Fill cubes into the juicer, put on a lid, and on high heat bring to a boil (see juice steamer pots below).
– Turn down heat, and let cook for about 80 min.
RULE: 5 kg quinces will make 2-2.5 liter juice.

– Meanwhile rinse jars with boiling hot water, let dry in the oven on 70 C or 160 F. This also keeps the jars stay warm.

— Comes with Quince Jelly! —

german breakfast box

– In a large pan fill the juice but only 20% (1/5) – per 1 liter juice add the juice of 1 lemon and 1kg sugar.
– Stir well and on high heat let boil for 10 min. Stir some times.
– Do the test by removing some juice to see if it is already jelly like. It’s done when the juice drips very slowly from a spoon.

– Remove pan from heat, and if it is not boiling anymore remove the foam as good as possible.
– Fill the jelly into the warm jars.
– If you should get some bubbles or foam remove with a teaspoon and fill up if needed.
– Place lids on jars, and place them upside down for 10 min.
– Let jars cool off completely before you store them at a cool and dark place like the pantry.

german quince jelly

This jelly stays good up to 1 year.
You can make the juice the day before, then let cool off during the night, and make the jelly the next day. This should intensify the color.

If you don’t have a special heat juicer you can use a pressure cooker for cooking the fruit (20 min), just add some water, and let drip in a mesh sieve over night.

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