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Learn how to make the German quark raspberry Mascarpone dessert that is irresistible! It's not just easy to make, you can vary it with different fruits too. Use strawberries, blueberries, mango or apricots. Sprinkle with grated coconut or grated chocolate. The dessert is using quark and Mascarpone plus raspberries. The quark could be substituted with Greek yogurt but you can make quark at home (see below the recipe link). Happy Cooking!

What is Mascarpone?
Mascarpone is an Italian cheese from the Lombardy region southwest of Milan, made by curdling milk cream with citric acid or acetic acid. It is a thick, double or triple cream, soft cheese with a very high fat content ranging from 60% to 75%.
The name derives from mascarpa, an unrelated milk product made from the whey of stracchino (a young, barely aged cheese), or from mascarpia, a word in the local dialect for ricotta. Ricotta, unlike Mascarpone, is made from whey. You can find Mascarpone in any high quality US super market.

quark mascarpone raspberry dessert

Ingredients German Quark Raspberry Mascarpone Dessert

6 servings
200 g heavy cream
150 g natural yogurt
250 g Mascarpone
500 g quark - How to make Quark -
500 g raspberries, frozen or fresh
200 g sugar
grated white or dark chocolate

Cooking Instructions German Quark Raspberry Mascarpone Dessert

- Combine quark, yogurt and Mascarpone in a bowl, add sugar, mix well with hand mixer.
- Beat heavy cream until firm. Fold into cream.
- Don't thaw the frozen fruit. If you use fresh fruit, wash it first, drain and let it dry. Reduce sugar amount for fresh fruit at least 50%. You also can puree the fruit.
- Use glasses or dessert bowls.
- Add layers of frozen raspberries and the cream alternating.
- Sprinkle with grated chocolate.

Let dessert sit for at least 3 hours in the fridge. You can make it the evening before and keep it over night in the fridge.

Source: chefkoch.de

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