Aug 112019
German Strawberry Cremeschnitten

German Strawberry Cremeschnitten – This original German cake recipe is a variation of the classic Cremeschnitte, we just add strawberries and it is a new cake.  It is made with phyllo dough which is on the bottom and top of the cake. In between there is a creamy layer of pudding, heavy cream and strawberries. … read more …

Jan 222019
Nussecken English Recipe - German Pastry

Learn today how to make a very delicious pastry: Nussecken, English recipe. It’s a classic German pastry that you can buy in every German bakery! In other countries you might find the Nussecken only in special German stores or bakeries. Nevertheless this pastry is not that difficult to make from scratch. With this recipe you … read more …

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Jan 192019
Austrian Krapfen - German Pastry Specialty

Enjoy this original and authentic recipe for  Austrian Krapfen, a pastry that is very popular in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In Germany we call it Berliner. The pastry is filled with jam or sometimes with a vanilla custard. It is not difficult to make. Happy Baking! Ingredients Austrian Krapfen 500 g flour 40 g yeast … read more …

Jan 062019
German Cinnamon Pastry - Best Zimtschnecken

The German Cinnamon Pastry or Zimtschnecken in German is a super popular pastry that you can find in any German bakery. You cannot find them in America, the American cinnamon rolls are different. With this authentic German recipe you can make the Zimtschnecken now at home. Enjoy them as if you would be in a … read more …

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Aug 072018
German Rum Pot Muffins Recipe

Try these German Rum Pot muffins –  It’s a German recipe and you would need to have fruit from the rum pot, or Rumtopf in German,  to make these delicious muffins. Rumtopf is a German dessert that is served during the winter months. It is a  mixture of various kinds of fruit, rum and sugar … read more …

Mar 062018
German Cremeschnitte without Filo Dough

Find out how to make the pastry Cremeschnitte without filo or puff pastry dough. This is a proven German recipe with origin from Poland where they call this pastry “Napoleonka” or “Kremowka”. Many Cremeschnitten recipes ask for filo dough but not this one. There is no difference in taste, even the recipe is asking for … read more …

Jun 142017
German Apple Pastry with Egg Liquor

The German apple pastry contains egg liquor and quark. Both ingredients are not usual items in US supermarkets. You can make quark at home – GO TO THE QUARK RECIPE – and get egg liquor in German specialty stores or for example at Shop wine direct – or you can make it at home – … read more …

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Feb 162017
Sweet German Apple Krapfen - Authentic German

The Sweet German Apple Krapfen are like small apple pancakes, or in Swabia we call them “Apfelküchle”. It is an authentic German recipe that is easy to make. It is using the German vanilla pudding. A substitute would be some drops vanilla extract and corn starch. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Sweet German Apple Krapfen 2 eggs … read more …

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