Aug 072018
German Rum Pot Muffins Recipe

Try these German Rum Pot muffins –  It’s a German recipe and you would need to have fruit from the rum pot, or Rumtopf in German,  to make these delicious muffins. Rumtopf is a German dessert that is served during the winter months. It is a  mixture of various kinds of fruit, rum and sugar … read more …

Mar 062018
German Cremeschnitte without Filo Dough

Find out how to make the pastry Cremeschnitte without filo or puff pastry dough. This is a proven German recipe with origin from Poland where they call this pastry “Napoleonka” or “Kremowka”. Many Cremeschnitten recipes ask for filo dough but not this one. There is no difference in taste, even the recipe is asking for … read more …

Jun 142017
German Apple Pastry with Egg Liquor

The German apple pastry contains egg liquor and quark. Both ingredients are not usual items in US supermarkets. You can make quark at home – GO TO THE QUARK RECIPE – and get egg liquor in German specialty stores or for example at Shop wine direct – or you can make it at home – … read more …

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Feb 162017
Sweet German Apple Krapfen - Authentic German

The Sweet German Apple Krapfen are little apple pancakes or in Swabia we call them “Apfelküchle”. It is an authentic German recipe that is easy to make. It is using the German vanilla pudding. A substitute would be some drops vanilla extract and corn starch. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Sweet German Apple Krapfen 2 eggs 40 … read more …

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Dec 192016
German Snowball Pastry from Rothenburg

If you ever had been visiting the German City Rotheburg ob der Tauber you probably have visited the bakery where they make the German Snowball Pastry BUT only during winter! In German: Schneeball. Schneeball means snowball in English, and is a pastry made from shortcrust dough. The name comes from the form of a snowball … read more …

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Sep 012016
Apple Turnovers - Authentic German Apfeltaschen

Apple Turnovers or in German Apfelmaultaschen is a traditional and historic German recipe. The specialty is rumored to have been invented by monks of the German monastery Maulbronn (located in Baden-Wurtemberg) to conceal the fact that they were eating meat during lent. The monks hid the meat inside of the Maultaschen, believing that God couldn’t … read more …

Jul 232016
Buchteln Recipe - Austrian German Dessert

Buchteln are an Austrian specialty and the most famous ones are served in the Cafe Hawelka in Vienna. The origin of the dish Buchteln is the region of a former German part called “Bohemia” (Boehmen), but the recipes has found its way to Austria and Germany. In German they are called “Ofennudeln” which means translated … read more …

Jan 132016
Franzbrötchen Cinnamon Rolls from Hamburg

The Franzbrötchen cinnamon rolls from Hamburg is a traditional pastry of the German city Hamburg. Back in 1806 to 1814 the French occupied Hamburg and during that time a so called “Franzbrot” was made which is known as baguette today. During that time a baker from Hamburg accidentally  made the rolls by searing such a … read more …

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