German Mustard – Recommendations


German Mustard is served mainly with Bratwurst and all other sausages. We also use mustard also for cooking like for the dish German Rouladen – Beef Rolls.

Why is German mustard so different from the US Mustards?
German mustard has
– No sugar added,
– No preservatives,
– No artificial coloration,
– and it is made out of simple ingredients – that’s why it is so good.

The brand Hengstenberg has different mustards, and the most popular hot mustard is the “Löwensenf”. Hengstenberg has one mustard especially made for the Bavarian Weisswurst (white Bratwurst).

German Mustard come in Different Varieties
Mittlescharf = medium hot
Hot – Scharf
Extra Hot – Extra Scharf

Unfortunately these special mustards are not available in regular super markets but you can find them on Amazon.

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