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The German Meat loaf “Falscher Hase” (which means literally fake rabbit) is basically a German meat loaf with hard boiled eggs inside the filling.
It can become a decorative Easter dish when you create the rabbits face as shown on the photo. Use bay leaves for the ears, spaghetti for the whiskers, and egg white plus raisins for the eyes; the nose can be made out of a carrot piece.

But why is it called Falscher Hase?
The German dish became popular after World War II when meat was scarce and expensive. So therefor German housewives mixed chopped meats, wrapped it around eggs and formed a meatloaf which was “roasted”,  and has a shape reminiscent of rabbit which was a a highly prized meat. That’s how the name “Falscher Hase” came about. Happy Cooking!

German Meat Loaf falscher Hase

Ingredients German Meatloaf Falscher Hase

1 dry roll or 2 slices white bread
1/8 l cold water
1 small onion
2-3 tbsp chopped parsley
400 g ground beef or pork
salt, fresh ground pepper to taste
1 egg (raw)
2 or 3 hard boiled eggs

Cooking Instructions
– Soak the bun in warm water, then squeeze all water out and tear it into small pieces.
– Peel onion and chop it very fine; chop parsley;  beat 1 egg.
– Mix ground beef, onions, roll, egg, parsley, salt and pepper thoroughly.
– Place the meat into a longer fire proof form and flatten it a bit.
– Peel the hard boiled eggs and place them in the middle of the flattened loaf, then wrap the meat all round the eggs and form a loaf.
– Bake it in pre-heated oven on 390 F for about 45 minutes.
– Take it out of the form and slice it while warm.
Serve with boiled potatoes, and carrots with peas or a salad.

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