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german kale soup

German Kale Soup: Gruenkohl or Kale is a typical German vegetable which is being used in many German recipes during fall and winter. Frozen kale is very convenient to be used for making a soup still,  fresh or frozen, the cooking time is always very long.  If you cannot get frozen kale, fall or winter is the season to find fresh kale in almost any supermarket.
Tips: Select only kale with crisp dark leaves; avoid bunches with limp, wilted, or yellowed leaves. Kale can be stored for several days in a plastic bag in the refrigerator crisper; sometimes you can store Kale even for more than 1 week.
If you use fresh kale for this recipe wash it well. Discard any limp or discolored leaves, and cut away tough stems. Shred, chop, or cook whole (cut large leaves in half).

Ingredients German Kale Soup
6 onions (300 g)
30 g butter or ghee
600 g kale (frozen, chopped)
1 1/2 l broth
100 g bacon or Speck (don't use it for a vegetarian dish)
3 tbsp instant mashed potato powder
1/8 l heavy cream
salt, pepper

Cooking Instructions German Kale Soup
- Peel onions, chop them fine, and sauté half of them in butter until transparent.
- Add frozen kale and fill it up with broth; let it simmer for 50 minutes on low heat.
- Cut bacon in cubes; in a pan fry it without adding any additional grease.
- Add the remaining onions and sauté them until transparent.
- Add the potato powder to the kale and bring it again to a boil; add the cream, spice with salt and pepper.
- Before serving the soup sprinkle the bacon-onion mix on the soup.

Serve with fresh bread and butter.

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  1. Just had this for Dinner tonight…absolutely excellent…I did use 9 TBSP Potato flakes to thicken it up just a little more, because it was to thin for us and added Artisan Style Croutons and Parmesan Cheese on top….yummmmm 🙂

  2. I grew a lot of kale and dehydrated it. I’m going to try this recipe with dehydrated kale. Seems I still have a couple bags of it around the house I could use up before sprint hits and the kale starts again!

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