German House Rules



Great for the Kitchen or hall way. It does not matter if the kitchen is ultra modern, old fashioned or just simple – The German House Rules Wood Print is looking good on any wall.

See it “live” on a sample wall.

house rules on wall

wood print design sample
sample: size 8×10″
wooden print back wooden print edge
German House Rules
Wood Prints
Most common sizes
size 6×6″ for $27.90
size 8×8″ for $37.90
size 8×8″ hexagon for $39.90
size 8×10″ for $45.90
size 8×12″ for $56.90
size 12×12″ for $76.90
size 11×14″ for $87.90
size 10×24″ for $110.90
size 16×16″ for $122.90
size 12×24″ for $133.90
size 16×20″ for $156.90
size 16×24″ for $180.90
size 12×36″ for $181.90
size 20×30″ for  $218.90
size 24×36″ for $299.90
size 30×40″ for $345.90
(plus shipping and tax)
wood print samples
wood print sampleswood print samples
Large sizes
size 12×36″ for $179.90
size 20×30″ for $ 232.90
size 24×36″ for $314.90
size 30×40″ for $ 355.90
(plus shipping and tax)
wooden print samples
Wooden prints
with a wooden frame in different colors
ONLY available in size 24×24″
Original: $272.90
NOW: $ 133.90
(plus shipping, tax)
 frames samplesframnes samples

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Wood Print Information

  • Printed with sustainable water-based inks on 3/4″ birch wood
  • Heat and water resistant, you can use a wet rag and wipe it off
  • White ink is not printed, this allows for the natural wood grain to show through the image
  • Each wood print will vary in wood grain, no two wood prints will look alike which makes each piece unique
  • FREE table stand on smaller sizes: 6×6, 8×8, 8×10, 8×12, 11×14 and 12×12
  • Includes two mounting screws for easy hanging
  • Made and Handcrafted in the U.S.A
  • Please see the return policy
  • Design by Gabriele Utz/ – all rights reserved

Shipping Policy
The wood print will be shipped by Woodsnap based in CA. Depending on your location the shipping might vary.

Here are some shipping examples:

Shipping Cost Example for a 12×12″ wood print to Colorado – weight 3.6lb
USPS Priority Mail (4 to 7 days) $14.25
Smart Post (4 to 10 days) $10.38 (delivered by Fedex to the local post office, they deliver to buyer’s address)
Home delivery $14.35
3 Day Express Saver (3 days) $18.43
2 Day Express (2 days) $22.49
Shipping cost example for a 6×6″ wood print to Florida –
weight 1lb

USPS Priority Mail (4 to 7 days) $11.55

Smart Post (4 to 10 days) $7.20
Home Delivery (1 to 5 days) $10.05
3 Day Express Saver (3 days) $13.79
2 Day Express (2 days) $16.61
Standard Overnight (Next Day) $29.70
Priority Overnight (Next Day AM) $31.92

Return Policy

If you are not happy with your wood print  it will be reprinted or you can get a full refund within 14 days*. You can contact our Customer Service department at: within 14 days** of receiving your print.

*Please note: Up to $1,500.00 of total order may be refunded or replaced within 14 days of order receipt.
**After 14 days, the return guarantee is not applicable and orders cannot be returned or refunded. The sale is final after 14 days.


Please make sure to do the following below
  • if your wooden print has been damaged during transit, you will need to take a photo of the damaged product and/or damaged packaging and email photos to From there we will get in touch with you and correct this for you from Mo-Fr 9am-5pm PST.
  • Upon contacting us, further details on replacement procedures will be provided. Please save all packing material, as it will be required by Fed Ex to inspect it in order to determine if the package was damaged by them during the shipping process.

If you have any other questions about returns please feel free to contact us.

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