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The German herb butter is a classic in Germany and is served together with a rump steak or used for the meat on the barbecue – it is the butter for steaks! This is an original and authentic German recipe, very easy to make, and perfect to freeze: Cut the butter in slices and wrap each slice separately, then freeze it. So it is ready when you need it. Just place it on top of a steak. Happy Cooking!

german herb butter

Ingredients German Herb Butter

125 g butter (2 sticks)
Variety of chopped Herbs – choose the herbs you like best
1 tbsp parsley, 1 tbsp chives, 1 tbsp tarragon, 1 tbsp sorrel, 1 tbsp chervil, 1tsp rosemary, 1 tbsp cress, thyme
1 tbsp lemon
salt, pepper to taste
hint of Worcester sauce
garlic, squeezed or finely chopped
dried tomatoes, chopped
hint of mustard

german herb butter

Cooking Instructions German Herb Butter

– Beat butter foamy, add all herbs and lemon juice, spice with salt and pepper and other ingredients that you choose.
Mix very well, until smooth.
– Form a roll, warp it in foil or plastic wrap and place it in fridge, let it get firm, then cut into slices.
Serve one slice of herb butter on each steak.

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