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German gluten free almond cake or “Torte” is a German baking specialty for a nice traditional Kaffee and Kuchen afternoon. Torte is not exactly a cake as it is mostly made using a butter cream. If you cannot eat products with flour this cake is a wonderful alternative. Easy to make without needing special ingredients. If you cannot get blanched almond slices find them here: Sincerely Nuts Blanched Almonds Sliced 1 LB

german gluten free almond cake

6 eggs (medium)
150 g heavy cream
150 g sugar
225 g powdered sugar
225 ground almonds (almond meal)
20 g almond slices (preferably blanched)
100 g soft butter

Baking Instructions
– separate eggs.
– in a pan bring heavy cream and sugar to a brisk boil, let cool off a bit, then add egg yolks, beat thoroughly while adding the egg yolks. This is the topping of the cake which is like a pudding.
– heat the cream you made above until it turns into a thicker creamy pudding  – don’t bring to  a boil!
– cover the surface of that dough right away with plastic foil, this prevents that a skin on top will occur.
– Base cake: beat egg white until firm, add powdered sugar while beating.
– add ground almonds.
– layer a spring form (diameter 26cm) with baking paper, place base cake dough on top and bake for 10 min on 150 C or   300F convection (175 C or 350F)
– let cool off in the form.
– Roast almond slices in a pan without adding grease until they are golden.
– Beat soft butter until creamy, then add egg cream spoon by spoon.
– Remove cake from the form and place on a platter.
– Spread pudding on top and add some almond slices and powdered sugar before serving.
Cake must be chilled for about 1 hour or until it is firm.


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