Apr 102020
German Trout Recipe - Breaded Trout Fillet

The German Trout Recipe is for these meatless dinners such as Good Friday. Trout or in German “Forelle”  is a delicious fish that either can be found in lakes or rivers. The meat of the pond trouts is white, the river trout’s meat is of a light pink. Trout is one of the best fish … read more …

May 032018
German Salmon Sandwich with Onions & Egg

The German salmon sandwich is not really a sandwich as you might think. In Germany we use a slice of bread and top it with all kinds of cheeses, meats or salmon. That’s how the classic German sandwich is served. Makes a great snack or supper. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Salmon Sandwich (makes 1 sandwich) … read more …

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May 032018
German Salmon Fillet on Zucchini and Tomatoes

The German Salmon fillet on zucchini and tomatoes is a great dish for the Good Friday menu or for any festive occasion. Great for a candle light dinner! This recipe is easy to make and takes only 15 minutes of your time. You can extend it easily if you have more guests than four. The … read more …

Dec 312016
Herring Salad with Potatoes - German Fish Specialty

Herring salad with potatoes is a typical herring dish from Germany especially from the North. It is made after New years Eve as a hang over breakfast or served at Ash Wednesday. Matjes fillets are a Northern German food specialty. For the salad you can use German Bismarck Herring or matjes herring fillets – best … read more …

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Dec 312016
Herring Salad - German Hang Over Breakfast

New Years Day is the perfect day for a herring salad because in general New Years parties come along with lots of drinking, so the next day is a hang over day. Now we need a “Katerfruehstueck” which means in English “hangover breakfast”. A herring salad is a typical hangover breakfast because it is sour … read more …