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German Egg Liqueur Recipe - What is it? The German Egg liqueur or "Eierlikoer" in German is a traditional German liquor that you can buy from Verpoorten, the most popular Dutch brand for egg liqueur.
In the former DDR (East-German Republic) it used to be a popular drink. We found a recipe from that time when a lot of specialties had to be home made.
You can enjoy the egg liqueur pure in small liqueur glasses or use it as an ingredient for cakes and desserts. It is delicious as a topping for chocolate or vanilla ice cream and in Germany you can even buy German egg liqueur ice cream in ice cream parlors and frozen in the supermarket.  Happy Cooking!

german egg liqueur recipe

Recipe from former East Germany (DDR)

Ingredients German Egg Liqueur Recipe

(for 1 bottle 0,7l or bottle of 0,5 l content - entirely 1,2 liter)
8 egg yolks
250 g powdered sugar
375 ml evaporated milk
1 package or 0.9oz vanilla sugar - How to make Vanilla Sugar -
250 ml dark rum, 54% (you can use schnaps, cognac or brandy instead, 40%)

Cooking Instructions German Egg Liqueur

- Beat egg yolks and vanilla sugar until foamy and add slowly powdered sugar and evaporated milk while mixing it.
- Slowly add the rum depending on how strong you want to have the egg liqueur, add more or less.
- Using the double-boiler method heat it while mixing frequently - Important: it should never boil.
- While still warm fill into bottles but don't fill until the top. The liqueur gets thicker after a while and you need to add more milk or rum in order to be able to pour it out of the bottle.

Recipe Vanilla Egg Liqueur

5 egg yolks
125 g powdered sugar
200 g heavy cream
100 ml white rum
2 tsp vanilla extract

- Mix egg yolks and powdered sugar with the hand mixer for 10 min (highest level).
- Add heavy cream and beat for another 7 min.
- Add rum and vanilla;  mix for 3 min.

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  5 Responses to “German Egg Liqueur or Liquor”

  1. How much vanilla sugar..looks like 9/10 of an ounce or ia it 9 ounces? Thanks. Pam ; *))

  2. one little package from Dr Oetker is 0.9 ounzes – that’;s about 2 tbsp.

  3. Thanks..can’t wait to try this in my baking. Pam ; *))

  4. I recall my parents making this in the 50’s-60’s but later remember a purchased bottle of Advocate replacing the home made. Do you know if this is the same or similar recipe?

  5. Advocate egg liqueur is German – don’t know if this is the same recipe. I made some after this recipes and it was very good.

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