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The German egg croutons are great for any broth, chicken, beef or vegetable. If you like make the broths from scratch or use instant broths. The best is to serve the Eierstich in a home made broth. We have some easy to make German broth recipes for you:

Vegetable Soup Made from Scratch
Chicken Broth
Home Made Beef Broth

german egg croutons

Ingredients German Egg Croutons

4 medium size eggs
3-4 tbsp fine chopped parsley and/or chives
salt, nut meg, and pepper to taste
1 tbsp milk

Cooking Instructions German Egg Croutons

– Beat eggs in a bowl.
– Add all spices, herbs and milk.
– Fill eggs in a freezer bag and close it tightly.
– Using double boiler method (place water in a pan, place a suitable bowl in the pan) let simmer for 20 min.
– When the eggs are firm, remove from the bag and cut on a cutting board in small cubes or pieces.

Tip: You can use a cookie cutter and create special shapes, for example for a holiday soup use stars, for a Valentines Day soup you would use hearts. How cute is that?

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