Jul 292018
Authentic German Carrot Cake - Not just for Easter

This German carrot cake is not only a great cake for the Easter celebration. The authentic German recipe  for this cake includes two important things: – how to make a glaze and – how to make the carrot decoration out of marzipan. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Carrot Cake 5 eggs 250 g carrots 300 g … read more …

Mar 192018
Fried Egg Easter Muffins - Like in Germany

Surprise your friends and family with fried egg Easter muffins – just right for the spring celebration Easter. The muffins are easy to make and will make people smile. Great muffins not only for Easter! Happy Baking! Ingredients Fried Egg Easter Muffins (for 6 muffins) 90 g oil 300 g flour 1 tbsp baking powder … read more …

Apr 122017
German Easter Nest Cookies

Ingredients German Easter Nest Cookies 150 g flour 130 g butter (very soft) 60 g powdered sugar 60 ml egg liqueur – How to make Egg Liqueur – 1 package vanilla sugar, 0.3oz – How to Make Vanilla Sugar – colorful little Easter eggs for decoration some jam Baking Instructions German Easter Nest Cookies Combine … read more …

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Apr 102017
German Easter Rabbit Pastry - Made with Quark

Ingredients German Easter Rabbit Pastry 500 g quark – How to make Quark – 150 g sugar zest of 1 lemon or orange (organic) 3 packages vanilla sugar – 0.9oz – How to make Vanilla Sugar – 3 small eggs or 2 large 12 tbsp oil (safflower or canola) 9 tbsp milk 600 g flour … read more …

Jun 262016
German Meat Loaf Falscher Hase

The German Meat loaf “Falscher Hase” (which means literally fake rabbit) is basically a German meat loaf with hard boiled eggs inside the filling. It can become a decorative Easter dish when you create the rabbits face as shown on the photo. Use bay leaves for the ears, spaghetti for the whiskers, and egg white … read more …

Mar 222016
German Easter Cake

The German Easter Cake is an easy to make cake with a light and moist filling containing raisins or alternatively sour cherries. Originally the recipe is from Switzerland but it became quite popular in Germany as well. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Easter Cake Base Cake: 200 g flour all purpose (in German Weizenmehl) 1/2 tsp … read more …

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Apr 142014
Sweet Easter Rabbit Bread

Sweet Easter Rabbit bread is an original German recipe for Easter. It is ideal for the Easter Brunch or breakfast. Happy Baking! Ingredients Sweet Easter Rabbit Bread 500 g flour zest of 1 lemon 1 pinch salt dry yeast for 500 g flour (usually 1 package) 3 tbsp sugar 250 ml milk 75 g butter 1 egg … read more …

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Mar 282013
Easter Sweet Bread Lamb

The Easter sweet bread lamb will be the highlight on your Easter breakfast table for sure. Enjoy it with jam or butter. Happy Baking! Ingredients Easter Sweet Bread Lamb Dough 220 ml milk 100 g sugar 40 g butter 1 cube fresh yeast or 1 package dry yeast 500 g flour all purpose 1/2 Tsp salt 1 egg Decoration 1 … read more …

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