May 182018
German Strawberry Ice Cream Cup

The German Strawberry Ice cream cup is what you get in every ice cream parlor (Eisdiele in German) in Germany. These ice cream parlors can be found everywhere from North to Souths and East to West in Germany. Every German city has its “Eisdiele”. Of course summer time brings fresh strawberries and this ice cream … read more …

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Apr 042018
Orange Pudding with Caramelized Oranges

Excellent and delicious dessert for a festive menu or just for the sake of desserts. The German orange pudding with caramelized oranges is an authentic German recipe. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Orange Pudding 2 eggs 1 dash salt 2 tbsp sugar or to taste, or use agave syrup 1 package vanilla sugar or 1 tbsp vanilla … read more …

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Apr 032018
German Rice Pudding - Milchreis Dessert

German Rice pudding or Milchreis in German is a traditional dessert that is served with apple sauce, fresh fruit or Rote Gruetze. It was a dish that accompanied my childhood like a red yarn, as we say in German. It can be a dessert or a sweet main dish. You might know this dessert from … read more …

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Mar 282018
Vanilla Cream Recipe - Original German Dessert

Are you looking for a classic German dessert recipe that can be served at the end of a festive menu or dinner party? This vanilla cream recipe is a wonderful dessert. It will take about 45 minutes to make it and it can be varied to a mocha or chocolate cream. Just add chocolate and … read more …

Feb 052018
German Quark Raspberry Mascarpone Dessert

Learn how to make the German quark raspberry Mascarpone dessert that is irresistible! It’s not just easy to make, you can vary it with different fruits too. Use strawberries, blueberries, mango or apricots. Sprinkle with grated coconut or grated chocolate. The dessert is using quark and Mascarpone plus raspberries. The quark could be substituted with … read more …

Oct 242017
German Sweet Quark Souffle Recipe - Quarkauflauf

The German sweet quark souffle is easy to make but you need quark for this dish. Quark is  a German milk product that is available in every German super market, unfortunately not in the USA. You can make quark at home and it is not that difficult. Find the recipe below at the ingredient list. … read more …

Sep 262017
German Quark Recipe: Sweet Quark Pan Cakes

This is a German quark Recipe: sweet quark pan cakes or “Quarkkeulchen” as we say in German. Main ingredient is quark. If you cannot find it in an US super market, I am afraid you have to make quark at home. It is not that difficult. We provide a recipe in this recipe below. The … read more …